Associate Director, Logistics
Job Details
American Psychiatric Association HQ - Washington, DC
4 Year Degree


The Associate Director is responsible for implementing and managing the database used for meeting logistics, coordinating with the IT department on implementing new technologies and resolving technology problems related to managing meeting coordination. For the Annual Meeting, the incumbent will manage the support specifications, production of floor plans and signs, shipping and onsite set up, and coordinating all electric and telecommunication requirements. The Associate Director collaborates with internal and external stakeholders and negotiates contracts and proposals and may be required to act as department Director in the absence of the Director.



  • Responsible for managing logistical arrangements for the Annual Meeting.
    • Manage all shipment activities both at APA headquarters and at all meeting site locations. Manage all shipment items and deliveries and pick up at all meeting site locations.
    • Provide staff and freight company with shipping instruction memorandum, forms, schedule of delivery/return of shipment and shipping labels.
    • Develop and provide instructions to APA staff to obtain equipment insurance.
    • Coordinate both the distribution and collection of all trunks to staff at APA headquarters and at all meeting site locations.
    • Coordinate the pickup of all empty trunks from APA headquarters to send back to shipment storage facility.
    • Prepare and send out equipment RFP to rental vendors. Negotiate contract for most effective contract cost with vendors chosen for equipment rentals (Xerox, cell-phones, accounting safe, etc.) Oversee that vendors agreements are met according to contract.
    • Order onsite office equipment, furniture, computers, telephone equipment, telephone and internet line services, and electric requirements. Explain office telephone and cellular telephone features to APA staff.
    • Manage and oversee the coordination of entire setup and dismantling of APA offices, ancillary booths, Education Center and Innovation Zone (if outside the Exhibit Hall). Work closely with Convention Center and headquarters hotels Telecommunications and Electrical Departments to ensure all electric, telephone and internet lines are provided according to APA meeting specs.
    • Produce reports for sign copy from meetings database. Run sign reports to show all cancelled and moved sessions. Order APA Component Meeting, session, course, office and special signs through General Services Contractor. Keep sign list updated to include all changes onsite. Coordinate the setup, pickup, and delivery of all signs at the Convention Center and all hotel sites supporting such activities.
    • Manage temporary staff agency RFP and contracting process. Coordinate temporary worker needs with APA staff. Create database for APA temporaries and provide information to APA staff and temporary agency chosen. Serve as liaison between APA staff and temporary agency supervisors regarding any problems with hired temporaries, the hiring of more temporaries, and/or the firing of temporary workers. Supervise and manage staff and onsite temporaries secured for onsite logistics office. Monitor all temporary agency activities to ensure all agreements are met according to contract as well as ensuring that all APA staff are satisfied with their temporary staffing.
    • Prepare and send out EMS (Emergency Medical Service) RFP. Responsible for the hiring of EMS personnel. Coordinate the setup of First Aid station, as well as the ordering of wheelchairs. Provide EMS with key date schedule of meeting and estimate figure of attendees.
    • Responsible for advertising and obtaining any special services requested such as interpreter service, wheelchair rentals, etc. Correspond with members requesting the service. If required by the Program Committee, coordinate simultaneous translations for scientific sessions.
    • Responsible for coordinating with Convention Center, the setup of concession stands and coat-check areas. Provide Convention Center with key date schedule for services requested for snack carts and coat-check, as well as estimate figure of attendees and floor plans where snack carts and coat-check areas should be located.
    • Maintain the distribution and collection of all Convention Center and hotel office keys and cell-phones. Create log sheet for outgoing/returned keys and cell-phones.
    • Point of contact with general services contractor in requesting updated floor plans for APA offices, ancillary booths and show management areas. Proof floor plans against specifications to ensure that all requirements are included. Once finalized, work with IT to ensure floor plans are embedded into specification database and print accurately prior to distribution. Work closely with staff on their office and booth requirements.
    • Provide onsite management with great attention to customer service to members, Convention Center management, hotel facilities, hired vendors, and APA staff to ensure efficient coordination and logistical support for the Annual Meeting.
    • Review and reconcile all support vendor invoices for telecommunications, including local and long-distance usage, internet, temporary agency, equipment and relevant portions from the General Services Contractor. Prepare appropriate report on costs for Director to include APA account numbers.
    • Prepare, proof and maintain the Support/Exhibits Activities section of the Resume. Work with APA staff to ensure all office and ancillary booth requirements are fulfilled. and make sure all changes or additions are updated in the database once onsite.
    • Set up master account with convention center business office and provide business center with names of key APA personnel authorized to purchase items or utilize the services of the CC business center.
    • Compile and obtain telecommunication, internet, computers, printers equipment, and services from APA staff. Provide Convention Center and various hotels with all logistical requirements. Prepare and disseminate telephone directory for APA staff, Convention Center, and hotels. Coordinate all electric, telephone, internet drop and computer installations onsite at Convention Center and other site properties. Serve as liaison between APA staff and Convention Center personnel regarding trouble shooting of electric, telephone or internet lines, or the ordering of additional telephones or internet line service, as well as any telephone or internet cancellations, service calls, or telephone instrument replacement.
    • Coordinate the Art Association display area, finalize details with art association contact and act as onsite contact for onsite coordination. Prepare page in the Preliminary Program which advertises the Art Association area.
  • Serve as the point person between meetings staff and IT for all database-related issues to implement and manage departmental databases used for meetings logistics. Responsible for ensuring data integrity and the migration of data into new databases.
  • Handle pop-up meetings (i.e., Finance and Budget, Membership Committee, etc.) and transient housing reservations as assigned by Director.
  • Perform other duties as needed.


  • This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree and/or at least ten years related experience in the meetings management field, database management, registration. Previous experience in medical association meetings is preferred.
  • CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) preferred.
  • This position requires exceptional abilities to be organized and very detailed oriented. Must be able to set priorities.
  • Must be able to assume responsibility for out-of-town meetings.
  • This position requires a demonstrated ability to supervise a department of six (as back up to the Director), exceptional written, composition and oral skills; an excellent command of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure; superior copyediting skills; and demonstrated spatial abilities.
  • Technical skills must include an excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Windows NT, and Outlook.

EOE, including disability/vets