Orientation & Mobility Intern
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New Orleans Facility - New Orleans, LA
Road Warrior

Job Summary: The O&M Intern will: 1) provide orientation & mobility services to students of contracted schools and 2) perform all duties as required by the O&M Internship Program through Florida State University, under the supervision of Lighthouse Louisianas Orientation & Mobility Specialist Supervisor. The goal of the internship is to assist the O&M Intern in gaining working knowledge of the competencies required to become successfully certified as an Orientation & Mobility Specialist.


  1. Actively plan and work toward the successful completion of education and certification requirements to practice as a Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist.
  2. Observe and collaborate with Youth Services staff to expand knowledge and skills to work in the field of Vision Rehabilitation.
  3. Collaborate with current Youth Services staff, school educators, and other professional staff to develop comprehensive Individual Education Programs for individual students.
  4. Develop efficient and effective methods for achieving IEP goals, communicating with school faculty, and advocating for the needs of students with vision impairment through observation and collaboration with current Youth Services staff.
  5. Diligently follow all IEP goals, monitor progress, and attend IEP meetings to ensure the successful provision of services.
  6. Work closely with parents of visually impaired students and advocate for services in the school system.
  7. Maintain an O&M student caseload with supervision and support from current Lighthouse O&M Specialist Supervisor.
  8. Provide O&M services to adult staff and clients as necessary, under the supervision of an O&M Specialist Supervisor.
  9. Assist other Youth Services staff to organize and implement extracurricular activities for youth clients.
  10. Complete daily documentation and subsequent reports in a timely manner to support requirements for reimbursement from all school contracts and additional funding sources.
  11. Foster a team environment with effective communication and a coordinated approach to providing vision rehabilitation services.
  12. Participate in community outreach and educational events as needed.
  13. Follow all Youth Services expectations, policies, and procedures.
  14. Follow all ISO procedures as required.
  15. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Director of Youth & Employment Services, Manager of Youth Program Development, and Manager of Youth Operations.


  1. Education:  Minimum requirement of Masters in Special Education with commitment to obtain O&M certification.
  2. Special Knowledge or Skills:  Excellent written and verbal communications; Proficient to develop and follow IEP goals; proficient in use of Internet, email, and standard software applications (i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint); Knowledge of Braille, Orientation & Mobility, Assistive technology for the blind, magnification, and adaptations for students with varying degrees of vision loss preferred.
  3. Experience:  Experience teaching in Special Education preferred. 
  4.  Supervisory Responsibilities:  None.
  5. Physical:  Able to travel independently and supervise field trips with children.  Able to manage outdoor activities in the summer.  Able to perform duties as related to itinerant teaching. Able to travel throughout the facility to safely and effectively manage all work responsibilities, breaks, and emergency evacuations, with or without a reasonable accommodation. Able to manage all self-care needs and activities of daily living as required to support successful employment, with or without a reasonable accommodation.
  6. Personality Traits:  Maintain professional appearance and attitude appropriate to the position.  Ability to maintain confidentiality.  Ability to respond to directions and suggestions.  Ability to assume responsibility for project completion.  Ability to work independently and with a team.  Ability to maintain focus on work in a dynamic environment.  Ability to solve problems effectively and demonstrate good attention to detail.
  7. Working Conditions:  Various classroom settings throughout school district; Occasional outdoor and sports activities with youth; must be able to travel to multiple locations independently.
  8. Work Schedule:  Full-time 40 hours per week with weekend work as necessary.
  9. Background Check and Drug Test Required: Employment is contingent based upon satisfactory results.


This job description does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed.  The incumbent in this position will perform such other tasks as may be required for the effective operation of the Division/Department upon request by his/her supervisor.


Accomplishments in these areas of responsibility will be the basis of the employees evaluation, continuation of employment and change in compensation.

 Lighthouse Louisiana is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.