Monument Production Specialist
Job Details
$21.00 - $23.00 Hourly

THE POSITION: This position will have the responsibility to see that monuments are accurately engraved and installed in our cemeteries. As an engraver you will work with our team in the monument shop and help with the creation process.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES: ~ Assist in sandblasting area by prepping stone, placing stencil on product and ensuring a steady flow of production is maintained

Responsible for being attentive to detail such as stencil spacing, final design proofing on the product and double-checking orders and final drafts
~ Safely operate heavy equipment such as a dump truck, boom truck, snowplow, and forklift,
~ Promote and maintain a safe and healthy work environment by complying with the provisions of the Cemeteries by wearing a respirator mask while blasting,
~ Perform basic security function by observing traffic flow into and out of grounds, guarding against vandalism when possible,
~ Ability to recognize sensitive information and adhere to strict confidentiality,
~ Ability to coordinate outside and do internal cement pour for foundations,
~ Engrave and install markers and crypt/niche doors per established standards and provisions; engrave dates of death,
~ Review and manage orders related to mausoleums such as crypt/niche doors, vases, emblems, and photoceramics; place markers on gravesite; set marker in cement; log and record incoming markers and settings,
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: ~ High school graduate or equivalent and relevant work experience.

~ Have a positive and supportive attitude toward the Catholic Church, her teachings, and her work,
~ Refrain from public promotion or approval of any conduct or lifestyle that would reflect discredit or disgrace on, or cause scandal in relationship to, the Archdiocese of Denver, or considered to be in contradiction with Catholic doctrine or morals,
~ Must hold current valid Colorado drivers license,
~ Observe safety rules and ensure compliance with the operating procedures of corporate, federal, state, and local regulations, including OSHA regulations,
~ Able to read a tape measure and a level, operate power tools, and sandblasting equipment,
~ Must have good communication skills and possess problem solving skills,
~ High level of compassion and integrity,
~ Must be detail oriented, ability to multitask, and perform duties in a timely and accurate manner,
~ Understand basic fonts ~ Must always be professional and a team player.

~ The job constantly requires lifting, carry, push, or pull objects weighing more than 50 lbs. (without the assistance of mobile, powered equipment).
~ Physical effort requiring manual dexterity is constantly required (i.e., more than 75% of time on the job).
~ Physical workplace and/or exertion require somewhat rapid movement and/or effort and bring on a moderate amount of physical fatigue.
~ When considering the physical environment, the following factors may apply: o Requires working outdoors, in hot and cold temperatures and all-weather conditions. o Moderate odors, dust, pollen, or fumes may cause discomfort and/or irritation to eyes or respiratory passages, a RESPIRATOR MASK is required while blasting o Loud noise from equipment/machine is at a level where ear protection is required,
~ Good hand and eye coordination

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