Vice President of Finance
Job Details
AC8393 West Reading - West Reading, PA
Graduate Degree
7:30 -4:30 or 8:00-5:00

Executive Leadership responsible for the overall financial governance, accounting disciplines, and human resources of the corporation. The VP of Finance is responsible for the reporting, planning, risk assessment, treasury duties, and compliance functions of the organization in finance, accounting and human resources. In addition, they play both the role of the business partner to the president and CEO and the company as well as the “pragmatic strategist” analyzing the best options to constantly move the organization towards its business goals and accounting disciplines of the organization. The VP of Finance takes direction from the CEO and facilitates the company towards its business goals.


  • Ensure timely, accurate and complete reporting of the company’s financials according to GAAP Financial planning to assist the CEO to steer the company towards its business goals and long-term vision
  • Monitor treasury relationships and on-line banking system and cash flow
  • Analyze, assess risk, and offer alternatives to challenge and participate in problem solving
  • Hire, train, develop and coach personnel
  • Ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations such as GAAP, PCI compliance, sales and use taxes, corporate taxes, and credit and collections
  • Develop processes and procedures to ensure effective controls and alignment with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements
  • Develop processes and procedures for human resources in conjunction with the HR Generalist to remain in compliance with federal, state and local law
  • Analyze historical performance along with external data to identify strengths and weaknesses of the company to continuously move the organization forward
  • Assess and maintain an appropriate level of insurances to mitigate risk
  • Manage audits from federal, state, local, and insurance authorities
  • Manage and oversight of payroll function and its integration between HR, accounting and benefits
  • Monitor human resource functions including recruiting, onboarding, benefit enrollment, SEC, COBRA and ERISA compliance


  • Possesses uncompromising morals, ethics and integrity and maintains confidentiality
  • Must keep accurate and organized records
  • Educated and preferably holds a higher education degree such as MBA or CPA
  • Understands finance, accounting, and human resources as a business language
  • Is technically competent and possesses basic understanding of legal, business, regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Intimately understands the industry, the business and every pulse of the organization and how each impacts the other segments of the business and company as a whole
  • Completely committed to the company’s mission and company goals - holds the same vision as the President/CEO
  • Cultivates and lives the core values within the leadership and behind the President/CEO
  • Develops and coaches highly competent team to support the company’s overall goals
  • Establishes loyalty to the Organization and stakeholders and holds the same vision, purpose and 2020 and beyond Goals as the President and CEO
  • Possesses ability to create and drive strategy by utilizing the One Page Strategic Plan
  • Is dynamic and abreast of our changing times and economy, politics and our industry
  • Ability to anticipate and stress test scenarios and translate their impacts into financial results
  • Cultivates relationships with third parties including vendors, suppliers, banks, and the like
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors for fiscal responsibility as it relates to insurances, treasury, accounting, merchant services, benefits, and payroll
  • Act as a consultant and advisor to colleagues on the lateral and to the President/CEO
  • Travel as necessary and valid driver’s license