Pets for Life Program Coordinator
Job Details
Bellevue - Bellevue, WA
Full Time


The Pets for Life (PFL) Program Coordinator oversees all aspects of the Pets for Life program at Seattle Humane.  Pets for Life is a national program that reaches out to people in underserved communities to offer free pet care resources, services, and information. The service model of the PFL program incorporates strategic door-to-door outreach, builds a consistent community presence, and uses an extensive follow-up process to build long-lasting relationships with pet owners in these communities.​ The PFL Coordinator will be responsible for running a strategic, successful program and maintaining communication with the HSUS Pets for Life team for mentorship to ensure consistency with the program’s national best practices.  The PFL Coordinator supports the mission, goals and philosophy of Seattle Humane and has a passion for working with people and pets to help keep pets in their loving homes.


  • Oversees and contributes to all aspects of the PFL program, including relationship building, door-to-door outreach, data collection, and pet transport for clinic appointments
  • Conducts ongoing community outreach to pet owners in our designated focus community on the topics of spay/neuter and general pet wellness
  • Helps coordinate spay/neuter appointments and follow-up
  • Maintains program recordkeeping and data entry; monitors progress toward program goals
  • Cultivates strong relationships with local groups in the focus community to further the PFL program
  • Communicates effectively about the PFL program to a variety of audiences
  • Works closely with volunteers supporting the PFL program; provides training as needed
    • Maintains communication with the Volunteer Services department regarding volunteer position updates and recruitment needs
  • Works collaboratively with the SH Intake and Veterinary Services teams, as well as with HSUS PFL program staff


  • Adheres to Seattle Humane Standard Operating Procedures
  • Provides timely and accurate information for grant reporting, as requested
  • Promotes a positive, supportive, and cooperative work environment based on mutual respect and open communication
  • Attends department and full staff meetings as requested
  • Reports any health, behavior, safety or security concerns in a timely manner
  • Answers incoming calls and emails and returns messages promptly and professionally
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Supervises program volunteers



  • Daily communication, including in-person meetings, email, direct mail, written procedures or memos with the following parties:
    • Supervisor regarding concerns, ideas, and progress
    • Department and other SH staff and volunteers
  • Regular communication, including in-person meetings, email, or direct mail with the following parties:
    • HSUS PFL program staff
    • PFL program clients
    • Other animal welfare agencies or service providers


A high degree of independent judgment required.  The nature of the job will vary. Diverse duties on a weekly basis as routine varies day to day.  A strong attention to detail and the ability to respond to unexpected questions and comments is required.  Must be able to maintain concentration on a task or series of tasks while dealing with frequent interruptions.  Must be able to work well remotely, and without direct supervision.  The ability to motivate, negotiate and mediate is important when handling a variety of personalities and emotions.



  • Must have excellent oral communication skills
  • Must be able to write clearly and listen effectively
  • Must possess the organizational and planning skills to work independently and determine work priorities and schedules
  • Experience developing strong community relationships highly desired
  • At least one year of employment in a veterinary or animal shelter setting preferred
  • Basic knowledge of animal health, behavior and nutrition highly preferred
  • Basic knowledge of Word and Excel required; must be familiar with Windows environment, internet use and e-mail; must have experience with databases and data entry
  • Proficiency in Spanish, Mandarin, or Cantonese language desired
  • Experience supervising volunteers or a workgroup preferred


  • High school graduate or possession of a GED required
  • Valid Washington State drivers license with good driving record required
  • Capable of being certified in CPR and human first aid


  • Must have a strong commitment to animal welfare and community outreach, and a passion for Seattle Humane’s mission and vision
  • Must be comfortable with conducting door-to-door visits and having direct contact with community members
  • Must communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
  • Must be able to solve problems and make clear decisions quickly
  • Must have excellent attention to detail and follow-through
  • Must be able to concentrate and produce accurate work despite frequent interruptions 
  • Must be able to organize and manage multiple and complex projects
  • Must be able to focus on strategic goals and objectives
  • Must possess the ability to be sensitive to other opinions, perspectives or cultures 
  • Must be motivated to support underserved clients and their pets
  • Must be able to offer excellent customer service (internal and external) 
  • Must be able to have difficult conversations with clients in a sensitive manner
  • Must feel comfortable in dealing with angry, confused, distraught and/or irrational people
  • Must exhibit initiative and motivation in performing all duties 
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time
  • Must be able to see clearly with a least one eye and have good dex­terity and reflexes, especially when restraining or working with an animal
  • Must be able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds with or without accommodation; crouch and bend at the waist and kneel; must be able to control dogs up to 200 pounds when on a leash 


  • General office and animal shelter environment, as well as outdoor/client home settings for door-to-door outreach.  When handling ani­mals, there is a potential for animal bites, exposure to zoonotic diseases, animal dander and noise. 
  • Equipment Used: Personal computer and printer, office supplies, multi-lined telephone, copier, scanner/fax machine, calculator, animal leashes/restraint equipment.
  • Chemical Interaction: A wide variety of cleaners, disinfectants, detergents and medical products may be used on a daily basis.  Each position at Seattle Humane will likely encounter these chemicals during the routine performance of their duties. Specific instructions will be provided by a SH staff member for the safe and proper use of these chemicals. If there are any questions regarding this information, copies of our chemical MSDS sheets are available for review. If asked to use a product that is unfamiliar, contact your supervisor for proper instructions.
  • Work Hours:  Full-time, non-exempt position. 40 hours per week scheduled, five days a week.  Must be available evening and/or weekend hours. Schedule may vary.