Chapter Development Consultant
Job Details
4 Year Degree
Road Warrior

The chapter development consultant (CDC) acts as a positive role model at all times, supporting the mission, values, Purpose and policies of Delta Delta Delta. The CDC facilitates and promotes new initiatives with chapters and serves as a catalyst for change.   This member of the Tri Delta enterprise consults and advises both existing and newly established collegiate chapters to provide effective chapter management, including public relations, educational programs, administrative operations, recruitment and retention.

Primary Roles: Consult, education and program development, administrative, team player

Travel: Full time*

Typical Week: 50-60 hours


Specific application instructions for this position:

Please include a cover letter that answers these questions -

  • Which Chapter and University are you from?
  • What are strengths that would make you successful in this role?
  • Describe a situation in your collegiate experience that would prepare you to be a chapter development consultant.



  • A recent collegiate member in good standing of Delta Delta Delta
  • Strong analytical skills, sound judgment and decision-making ability
  • Flexible and adaptive to change
  • Demonstrate professionalism with collegiate chapter and peer-to-peer interaction
  • Effective oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft operating system and programs
  • Leadership experience
  • Adhere to deadlines
  • Consistent travel, multiple modes of transportation*
  • Ability to work long days

*In the past, full-time travel has been an essential component of the Chapter Development Consultant role.  Currently, this role may require anywhere from 0% travel (full-time work from a home office) to 100% travel, depending on the needs of the Fraternity and current travel limitations.


Key Responsibilities: The responsibilities of a Chapter Development Consultant include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Consult with all officers, advisors, Fraternity volunteers and university administrators to rapidly assess collegiate chapter programming and operations. 
  • Coach and train collegiate members, officers and advisors.
  • Identify needs and recommend goals for chapters.
  • Provide recommendations for chapter development and Fraternity support to the Chapter Development and Member Services Team.
  • Communicate to Fraternity volunteers regarding status of chapters.
  • Serve as a recruitment consultant for chapters and advisors.
  • Serve as an expert on collegiate chapter operations with knowledge and interpretation of Governing Documents.
  • Educate and train chapter officers on Fraternity operations, management, interpersonal skills, membership recruitment, leadership, member interaction and member development.
  • Conduct creative workshops, training sessions and provide resources for alumnae and chapter members.
  • Participate in extensive training in leadership development, confrontational skills, officer evaluations and Fraternity procedures.
  • Complete all required administrative duties.
  • Prepare executive summaries and other reports that outline strengths, opportunities for growth and recommendations for the collegiate chapter in a timely manner.
  • Attend training sessions throughout the year.