Residential Support Specialist (Bridge City Recovery)
Job Details
BCR - Portland, OR
$18.00 Hourly
Health Care

Bridge City Recovery is a clinically-managed facility that is licensed to provide Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment. It provides services to individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health conditions. This includes ensuring a clean and organized environment, supporting residents in their individual recovery goals, and assisting with medication administration as ordered by a licensed medical professional.  Residential counselors may also lead activities, assist in the implementation of treatment plan interventions and provide skills training and activities as assigned.


Summary of Responsibilities:

  • Assist individuals with daily living skills and household tasks.
  • Oversee facility safety (fire drills, security of house at night, arbitration of disputes among residents, etc.)
  • Responsible for seeing that the facility is kept clean, orderly, and safe at all times.
  • Complete regular and unscheduled contraband checks.
  • Facilitate drug screens, including breathalyzer, instant UAs, and send away to a lab.
  • Distribute medication in accordance with physicians’ orders and agency policy.
  • Escort and supervise residents during community outings.
  • Document all incidents and critical incidents in a timely manner and notify supervisor and Program Manager immediately of any critical incident.
  • Overnight employees must be awake, alert and dressed at all times.


Other General Expectations:

  • Must have a criminal records clearance through the State Mental Health Division prior to starting employment.
  • Remain drug free and anticipate random drug screens.
  • Undergo a minimum of 16 hours pre-service orientation, which will include a review of house rules, policies, and procedures; education on psychiatric disabilities; an overview of resident service arrangements; a summary of each residents risk factors; medication management procedures; food service arrangements; a summary of resident’s assessment and residential service plan; TIER;  and any other relevant information.
  • Must be 18 years of age and capable of implementing the emergency procedures and disaster plan. Previous experience working with dually diagnosed adults with severe substance use disorder and mental illness is strongly preferred.