Volunteer-Music and Memory
Job Details
Blakeford at Green Hills - Nashville, TN

Department: Administration

Supervisor: Life Enrichment Supervisor

Music & Memory is a program that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music, vastly improving the quality of life.

Goal:  Volunteers will support the Music & Memory program through resident interaction, playlist development, measuring effectiveness, and maintaining mp3 players and headphones.

Environment: Blakeford at Green Hills provides multiple levels of care and services to its residents, through a continuing care plan, in an attractive surrounding while offering an array of personal services and activities.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities:

  • Help create residents’ playlists through interviews with residents and family members.
  • Maintain a system for storing and distributing players/headphones, maintaining proper hygiene with equipment, and dealing with the replacement of damaged or lost equipment.
  • Assist the care team with measuring the program’s effectiveness for each resident.
  • Help residents/family members learn how to access their music.
  • Serve as liaison with residents’ families to educate them about Music & Memory and gain their support.

Recommended Qualities and Skills:

  • Compassion for and interest in elders
  • Empathetic and patient
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Energetic and creative
  • Excellent communication skills; thoughtful listener
  • Understands iTunes (or comfortable in learning how to use it)
  • Loves music