Crew Chief
Job Details
Sarasota, Desoto, Manatee, Charlotte Cty - , FL
Full Time
High School or equivalent experience
  • Supervises and trains fixed site collection and support staff.
  • Coaches and mentors fixed site staff regarding appropriate adherence to SCBB SOPs, personnel policies and customer service activities.
  • Utilizes Employee Notification system to report and document SOP or policy violations if they occur.
  • Assists with activities related to marketing and public relations, including but not limited to communication with recruitment and communications departments regarding special promotions and distribution of promotional items.
  • Greets and registers donors and patients. 
  • Performs all front desk duties.  Coordinates with physician office staff for collection of products from autologous, directed and therapeutic donors and patients.
  • Determines donor suitability. 
  • Performs phlebotomy for the collection of whole blood units or testing samples.  Operates automated equipment to collect red cell, plasma and platelet products.
  • Provides post-donation care and instructions, including treatment of adverse reactions.
  • Assures proper storage of blood during collection operations and prepares for transport.
  • Performs donor record review and data entry.
  • Performs QC, maintenance, calibration and validation of section equipment.  Reports malfunction or deviation to manager.
  • Monitors and maintains inventory of supplies.  Reports inventory levels to manager.
  • Meets established collection goals.
  • Assists with the coordination of fixed site facility maintenance.  Maintains a clean, safe and organized work environment.

Education:               High school or equivalent experience

Licensure:                None; prefer medically related licensure or certification 

Experience:             1 year supervisory; additional blood bank production experience considered in lieu of supervisory experience, plus 1 year automated collections

                                1 year automated collections, plus 1 year Crew Chief-I  ( For Crew Chief II position )