Restaurant Manager-Kentucky
Job Details
KY 40 Paducah - Paducah, KY
Full Time
$38,000.00 - $52,000.00 Salary/year
6 Week Training in St. Louis

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Do you have experience as a Full Service Restaurant Manager and have the passion to work with customers and build/develop a strong team? If so, Bandana's could be a great fit for you.

Mission: Treat every guest as if they are a guest in your home.

Motto: Perfect, Fast, Every time.

As Bandana's continues to grow, we have to remember to always remain consistent which is why we really focus on our training program.

Operation Values:

Take care of your employees!

  • Proper orientation
  • Proper training
  • Treat them with dignity and respect
  • Hold them accountable to perform to the standards

Take care of your guests!

  • Great food, make to specifications
  • More than just good service… Great hospitality
  • To provide our guests an outstanding experience in a clean and friendly environment!

Our Commitment:

  • We are committed to creating guest loyalty by providing the highest quality food and service.
  • We are committed to training and developing our people.
  • We take pride in our appearance, and image in the community.
  • We have fun and do the right thing for our team members and guests.
  • We are committed to making money in an honest and ethical manner

Areas of Responsibility for Unit Operations:

Food Production:

  • Can ensure that all menu items are correctly made to recipe and presented in an attractive manner. Utilizes proper serving guidelines and carryover procedures.
  • Has knowledge of and is capable to forecast food production and implement the Food Production system.
  • Has a working knowledge of all recipes, products, production procedures and timing.
  • Follows opening and closing procedures. Conducts stripping of coolers.
  • Correctly receives and stores all product to ensure quality and freshness.

Guest Satisfaction:

  • Assists in ensuring guests’ satisfaction when dining in the restaurant, with the purpose to increase guest count and build sales.
  • Is capable of running a shift in the General Managers or Associate General Managers or Kitchen Managers absence.
  • Helps create an environment of hassle-free convenience for the guest when dining in the restaurant or picking up a carry out order.
  • Ensures that catering guidelines are followed.
  • Ensures that take-out guidelines are followed.
  • Helps all employees to focus on the guests’ experience as our judgment of operational excellence.
  • Spends some time with guests discussing they’re dining experience and make decisions based on guests’ needs.
  • Leads by example, greeting of guests with a warm and sincere smile.
  • Ensures that guests are acknowledged by staff when entering the restaurant with, “Welcome to Bandana’s”.
  • Insures that guests are acknowledged by staff when leaving by saying, “Thanks”, “Have a good day. Please come again”, or “ Nice seeing you”.
  • Complaints are handled to satisfy guests.
  • Management is visible to guests during all meal periods.

Sanitation and Safety:

  • Maintains Health Department and Company sanitation policies and procedures to ensure that all food is free from contamination and illness-causing bacteria. Communicates these standards effectively to employees.
  • Has obtained ServSafe Certification.
  • Maintains cleanliness in accordance with company standards. Responsible for sanitation of inside and outside environment.
  • Maintains equipment in proper operating condition.
  • Follows Company Safety Program and assures OSHA standards are being practiced and maintained.
  • Is able to react to an emergency situation in a calm and methodical manner. Able to assist guests and employees in emergency situations.


  • Can correctly complete all daily paperwork relating to each shift.
  • Responsible for making sure company cash control guidelines are followed.
  • Responsible for improving restaurant operations against operating standards based on Shoppers Report scores.
  • Ability to participate in accurate physical inventory of food and non-food items.
  • Complies with all corporate, government and insurance reporting procedures.
  • Has ability to forecast sales and communicates this information to all levels that use this information.
  • Aware of Food Cost and company guidelines.
  • Aware of Labor Cost and company guidelines.
  • Aware of Operational Expenses and company guidelines.

Human Resources:

  • Can assist in recruiting job applicants to meet manpower staffing needs.
  • Has knowledge of, and complies with, all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws and Company Regulations for dealing with employees.
  • Ensures all personnel related information is reported to the corporate office in a timely manner. Maintains hourly employee records and file in an orderly state with all proper forms and records.
  • Monitors days off for Hourly employees.
  • Manages his/her staff by fostering an attractive, caring work environment. Uses motivational management techniques to provide for a tenured staff with noticeably high morale. Seeks to improve employee attitudes, which are not at a satisfactory level.


Our training program is a 6 week long training process and is done here in St. Louis.

As you progress through our training program, we can assure you of the following:

You'll learn the skills necessary to be successful in your position

You'll know how you can contribute and how we evaluate your performance

You'll know how to develop and advance within the organization

  • Responsible for training of catering staff.
  • Assists in training program for all new hires. Utilizes all possible resources available.
  • Participates in weekly Management meetings.
  • Is aware of Performance reviews for Hourly employees and gives input.
  • Supports that discipline procedures are followed in accordance to Company procedures.
  • Completes termination reports in a timely manner to meet company and state regulations.
  • Has a knowledge of exit interviews.

Personal Development:

  • It is expected that each member of our Management Team conduct himself or herself in a way, which commands the highest respect from all who come in contact with them. It is hoped that they will actively promote Bandana’s Bar-B-Q whenever the opportunity arises to do so.
  • It is vitally important that the focus of all actions be on the impact of those actions on our guests. In the course of all managerial activities management should always acknowledge the contribution of our dedicated employees in allowing their restaurant to be successful.
  • It is expected that management will always act in the best interest of the Company, comply with the spirit and letter of the laws that apply to the business and not engage in any activities, which in anyway compete with the goals of the Company. Members of our Management Team communicate directly and indirectly the high ethics and standards that Bandana’s Bar-B-Q stands for. The character and principles of a business are never really different from those of its people.

Reporting Relationships:

Reports To: General Manager

Supervises: Hourly employees


Prior experience: Two years experience as a Restaurant Manager with experience in all areas of restaurant operations management and administration.

Necessary minimum knowledge: Knowledge of guest service, food handling and sanitation, and knowledge of the restaurant industry in general.

Necessary minimum certifications or licenses: ServSafe certification and a valid Drivers license.

Necessary minimum skills: Basic computer skills, motivational skills, listening skills, effective coaching, leadership and communication. Results orientation and financial understanding of restaurant operations are also essential.

Necessary minimum education or specialized training: The ability to read, write and perform mathematical calculations typically obtained through the completion of high school.