Operations Specialist
Job Details


The Operations Specialist is a key liaison between customers and all Andrews McMeel Publishing (AMP) departments who ensure all product shipments requiring value added services are handled appropriately and on time. This includes the creation of corrugate and prepack ISBNs and products with various customers, along with monitoring their inventory levels. The Operations Specialist will also act as primary liaison between customers and Andrews McMeel Publishing departments regarding customer routing and compliance requirements for AMP products being shipped to customers and publish a yearly AMP routing guide. This position will support Publishing Operations staff by managing daily activities including data entry into Operations Database, Catalyst, and Title Management systems; order processing and tracking, monitoring daily error files, and other duties as assigned.


Operations Compliance and Support:

  • Maintain database (MS Access) to retrieve customer demand projections (Forsyte system) and create a weekly report highlighting changes (delta report) for distribution to Operations staff.
  • Update Publishing Operations databases (MS Access) for reporting; minimum weekly and sometimes daily as needed during peak shipping season.
  • Monitor AMP Vendor Purchase Order reports and upload new purchase orders (PO) and PO changes to customer weekly, and on demand as needed. Monitor to ensure the PO retail price and country of origin, matches that assigned to the product.
  • Monitor and analyze daily reports to identify action items to input and/or update Operations owned fields within Title Management (database that holds all title information for books and calendars) to ensure integrity of product meta data. To include but not limited to, category/edition codes, title changes, changes to carton pack quantities and changes in retail price.
  • Access Title Management to retrieve various title reports as assigned.
  • Assist with processing, tracking, and logging of publisher withdrawal orders, and AMP stock transfer orders as needed and assigned.
  • Review daily error reports; research and update accordingly to clear errors daily.
  • Act as backup for daily entry and posting of receipts into inventory systems and GP.
  • Work with AMP and customer sales to identify customers that require value added services. Communicate with customers/sales personnel to obtain routing guides and special handling forms to determine exact processing requirements.
  • Review Special Handling forms for clarity and communicate with customer and other distribution partners regarding value-added services (work orders) needed for each shipment.
  • Provide estimates on work order costs as needed for analysis and decision making. Work with customer to obtain estimates on non-standard work needed.
  • Monitor inventory and backorder reports for work order customers and communicate with Director of Demand Planning to coordinate timely release of order.
  • Track and Monitor customer Work Order logs for on-time shipping and communicate with customer for status and prioritization when required.
  • Act as key liaison with 3rd party vendors for account specific stickers and labels needed for work orders, as well as any other materials. Determine order quantities, issue purchase orders, and reconcile vendor invoices.
  • Investigate and analyze charges assessed by customer and other partners related to value added services to ensure AMP is being charged correctly, when requested.
  • Organize and monitor corrugate and prepacks for: ISBN set up at customer, meta data in AMP systems, excess inventory, and timely completion of work order.
  • Prepare annual reporting on inventory levels of corrugate and prepacks. Work with Director of Demand Planning and AMP Sales to identify needed status changes and obtain and implement any destruction authorization.

AMP Routing and Compliance

  • Request updated customer Routing and Compliance Guide for a yearly review of changes to requirements and use to maintain a corresponding AMP routing guide.
  • Work in coordination with AMP Production to publish a yearly AMP routing guide to be sent to all AMP printers as well as any AMP departments who work with outside vendors.
  • Act as primary liaison between customer and AMP departments to determine if AMP products are compliant with customer requirements and seek waivers from customer when needed.
  • Work with AMP sales and customer to review routing requirements of new customers, or requirement changes for existing customers, and assess chargeback exposure. Work with AMP sales and customer to identify and obtain waivers from customers on certain compliance requirements that cannot be fulfilled.
  • Review and reconcile chargebacks assessed by customers to determine their accuracy and validity. For invalid chargebacks, work with customer and AMP sales to get chargeback reversed, and/or identify any chargebacks that are the full responsibility of customer.


  • Must be very organized and detail oriented and have the efficiency to handle multiple projects simultaneously to meet deadlines.
  • Excellent communication and comprehension skills as well as negotiation abilities.
  • Confidently interact with customers to ensure AMP's interests are being addressed and given proper emphasis with customer.
  • Must be able to interact and work with external customer and internal upper management
  • Must have ability to quickly analyze a situation and make decisions to address obstacles in meeting customer demands.
  • Confidently interact with virtually all AMP departments to receive input and obtain decisions on a timely basis.
  • During the calendar shipping season (May - October) you must be able to work under high stress and high-pressure situations to get orders released.
  • Applied comprehension, critical thinking, complex problem solving, judgment and decision making - be an advocate for our customers but maintain company business principles.



  • Bachelors degree in a related field OR equivalent training and work experience.
  • Must have experience with Microsoft Excel and general competence with other Microsoft Office applications.
  • Must have at least some basic finance and business analysis skills to assess chargeback exposure, analyze work order charges, and to identify alternatives that would yield cost benefits.
  • Database experience a plus.
  • Customer service experience a plus