Assistant Site Supervisor
Assistant Site Supervisor
Olympia - Providence St. Peter PLLC - Olympia, WA
Full Time
Up to 25%

Position Summary:

The Assistant Site Supervisor assists the Technical Site Supervisor in managing the daily operations of the site laboratories. The Assistant Site Supervisor interacts with physicians, patients, and hospital staff. The Assistant Supervisor needs to be able to provide flexibility and quickly adapt to the variable day-to-day demands of the lab. It is crucial that the Assistant Site Supervisor is knowledgeable about HIPAA, CAP and CLIA regulations, practices and enforces all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) procedures as this position is exposed to a great number of environmental hazards.


Essential Duties:

  1. Manages all aspects of non-technical staffing, including but not limited to hiring, scheduling, budgeting and performance reviews
  2. Assists Technical Site Supervisor in managing daily CellNetix staff operations at the sites and ensures positions are covered and the staffing calendar is up to date
  3. Assists Technical Site Supervisor in managing and facilitating onsite CAP and DOH inspections (including preparation through Inspection Proof)
  4. Ensures regulatory compliance at all locations, which includes assuring the quality of the maintenance logs and signing off on them regularly.
  5. Able to carry out down-time procedures if necessary and come up with solutions  to unforeseen staffing or operational events
  6. Pulls and presents statistical data including monthly employee metrics
  7. Provides specimen test requirements information to physicians and medical staff
  8. Functions as key trainer for non-technical employees in adherence to policies and procedures
  9. Manages or delegates supply ordering and inventory
  10. Communicates operational issues to the Site Supervisor  regularly for collaboration
  11. Specializes in the handling of pathology related communications to other departments or sites
  12. Meets regularly with CellNetix retention representative to discuss client technical issues as pertains to pathology/cytology collection
  13. Converses with clinic contacts to ensure efficient specimen collection practices are in place as needed
  14. Provides assistance to Lab Assistants and Support Services (up to 50% bench work)
  15. Other duties as assigned






  1. Management skills
  2. Communication & customer service abilities
  3. Must have flexibility to ensure sites are staffed appropriately and able carry out all operations
  4. Multi-tasking abilities
  5. Ability to prioritize tasks
  6. Must be organized
  7. Must maintain composure under stress
  8. Must have the ability to deal with conflict
  9. Familiarity with lab equipment


  1. High school diploma minimum
  2. 2+ years of medical/clinical management experience
  3. Pathology experience preferred

Physical Requirements

  1. Be able to lift 10+ lbs.
  2. Be able to stand for over 2.5 hours at a time
  3. Be able to move around in tight spaces
  4. Environmental hazards such as formalin, communicable disease, fresh human tissue, etc. are present in the workplace