Director of Library Services
Job Details
The Governors Academy - Byfield, MA
Full Time
Graduate Degree
Position Summary

The Director of Library Services is a full-time Administrative Faculty appointment that reports to the Academic Dean and is responsible for the vision, leadership and operation of the Carl A. Pescosolido Library and archival program. 


  • Oversee all administrative functions of programming, staff development, acquisition, circulation, cataloging, inventory, and maintenance of collections
  • Collaborate with teachers to create inquiry-based projects that seamlessly integrate research and information literacy skills into the academic curriculum
  • Create an environment that provides adolescents with structure and clear limits while promoting positive interactions (both academic and social) with peers and adults
  • Demonstrate commitment to selecting library materials and diverse resources in differing formats & levels of difficulty with a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens that supports a student-centered library for learning and growth
  • Establish and implement library and archival policies and procedures which support the school’s curriculum, foster an appreciation of reading, and cater to the needs of developing adolescents in a secondary boarding school
  • Collaborate with the technology team to ensure consistency in skills, approach to technology, and technology policies and implement new digital resources and tools.
  • Prepare bibliographic materials which integrate print and electronic resources for specific curricular assignments and conduct the one-on-one bibliographic instruction with the American History term paper
  • Prepare and manage an annual budget 
  • Oversee the physical facility 


  • Academic Affairs
  • Technology Committee
  • Archives Committee
  • Other committees as assigned by the Head of School, Dean of Faculty, or Academic Dean
  • Represent Governor’s on various committees - Massachusetts Library System

Other Duties:

  • Faculty advisor to no more than 7 students
  • On call driving duty for Health Center one afternoon per week
  • Member of FIC team and weekend chaperone as assigned by the Dean of Faculty
  • Flexible schedule according to needs of the Academy
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Management Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for hiring, training, scheduling, managing, and evaluating all non-faculty personnel. Responsible with Academic Dean and Dean of Faculty for hiring and supervision of faculty in the library. The following positions report to the Director of Library Services:
    • Library Information Specialist (administrative faculty)

    • Evening Reference Librarian (adjunct faculty)

    • Technical Services Associate and Administrative Assistant (FT staff)

    • Archivist (associate faculty)

    • Library Assistants (PT staff)


MLS required. Some relevant teaching experience; experience with integrating information literacy and technology within the curriculum; experience in an automated library environment; proficiency with online databases and other digital resources. Proven ability to manage budgets and personnel, must be able to work collegially; facility with technology; must be committed to working in a diverse community and have the ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations; must enjoy working with young people in a boarding school environment and have a valid driver’s license.