Pathology Lab Assistant III
Job Details
Olympia - Providence St. Peter LLC - Olympia, WA
Full Time
1st Shift



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CellNetix Pathology and Laboratories is a dynamic, rapidly growing physician- and employee-owned pathology practice and lab headquartered in Seattle, Washington with locations throughout the state. Driven by impeccable attention to detail, we're resolute in meeting the exceedingly high standards of quality we set for our laboratory, our customer service, our business and ourselves.

Lab Assistant III’s in our hospital laboratory sites are responsible for providing a wide variety of technical and administrative support including specimen accessioning, maintaining the lab, resolving discrepancies, as well as providing general procedural support to pathologists and hospital physicians. Due to the variable day- to- day demands, Lab Assistants must be able to provide flexibility and adapt to changes quickly. This position will serve as a float and travel to various locations in the division to help cover staffing. Lab Assistant III’s are also responsible for adhering to HIPAA standards and strict Standard Operating Procedures and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements.  Environmental hazards such as formalin, communicable disease, fresh human tissue, etc. are present in the workplace. This position may be selected by supervisor as Lead with Lead responsibilities.

Essential Job Functions

A Lab Assistant III may perform any of the following duties or groups of duties:

  1. Accessions specimen
  2. Assist on frozen sections for diagnosis
  3. Assists with in-patient and CT bone marrow biopsies
  4. Travels to sites to cover staff or do routine maintenance
  5. Provides support in resolution center/specimen issues
  6. Pulls the pending list to find unreceived specimens
  7. Retrieves specimens from multiple departments
  8. Stocks supplies and cleans lab areas
  9. Other duties as assigned


  1. Combination of High school graduate AND 1+ year of relevant clinical/laboratory experience
  2. Bachelors in medical technology, chemical, physical, or biological science strongly preferred
  3. Previous experience working a clinical/medical/laboratory environment highly preferred


  1. Professional
  2. Must be able to multi-task
  3. Flexible and adaptable
  4. Must have the ability to filter and analyze the constant stream of incoming information
  5. Must be able to prioritize tasks and stay organized
  6. Have excellent communication and customer service skills
  7. Able to perform well under pressure and large work volume
  8. Must have basic computer skills and be able to learn new software and machinery
  9. Ability to deal with conflicts
  10. Knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures and PPE requirements

Physical Requirements

  1. Be able to lift 10+ lbs.
  2. Be able to stand for over 2.5 hours at a time
  3. Be able to move around in tight spaces