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KING Hoops Coach

Job Details

Legal Address 0TW50 - New York, NY
$2,000.00 - $5,000.00 Salary
Road Warrior



Join us at Kids in the Game to help us change the way kids play! At Kids in the Game, you’ll be part of a network of 100+ coaches who are working with kids from early childhood and up, providing sports and skill development, and making a positive impact in their lives. 



Kids in the Game sport and enrichment-based programs can be found in schools and communities across New York City, serving thousands of children every year. Our goal is to provide positive experiences and opportunities through sports and creative play. We inspire kids to embrace new experiences, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and build integrity. 

Kids in the Game is a Certified B Corporation and we’re committed to doing business for good. We are striving every day to have a positive impact in the lives of our youth, and we believe that it all starts with being the best part of their day. To learn more about our programs and our team, visit

About KING Hoops

KING Hoops is a high level AAU Youth basketball organization in NYC that strives to use basketball as the vehicle to impact NYC Youth’s lives through athletic enrichment, academic and life skills programming, and career development.  Our program operates with young adults ages 11-17 years old. Our 13U and 14U play on the UA Future’s Circuit and our 15U-17U travel regionally to the biggest tournaments to get seen by college coaches.

Our Program Goals:

  • To improve and progress the basketball skills of our players.

  • To provide weekly academic and life skills programming, as well as career development initiatives.

  • To make a positive difference in the lives of our players by preparing them for their futures, both on and off the court.

  • To provide access to these opportunities to all participants, regardless of racial/socio-economic background.



We are currently hiring basketball coaches to join our coaching network. As a KING Hoops Basketball Coach, you would lead our players through high-level AAU circuits to compete against other regional talent. You would organize weekly practices, game plans, and strategies with the goal of fostering both individual and team skills on the court, as well as prepare players for their individualized goals. We strive to not only develop our players’ basketball skills, but to develop them as capable individuals in any setting.

Schedule: These positions would start in September 2022 and continue through July 2023. Coaches must commit to 2 days of practices on weekday evenings as well as weekend tournaments (3-6 per season). A typical weekly schedule would range from 4-16 hours per week based on the tournament schedule. Additionally, our coaches will be supporting us through three seasons depending on the level.

  • Fall (September-November)

    • 13U-17U

  • Winter (December-March)

    • 13U-14U only

    • 15U-17U is off in the Winter Season due to high school schedules.

  • Spring (March-July)

    • 13U-17U

Compensation: We offer a competitive salary of $2,000-5,000 per season.



  • We are a youthful, passionate, committed team of individuals that care about our youth and city

  • We are committed to developing innovative, creative programs that promote creative play and sports skill development

  • We work hard and push each other personally and professionally to keep growing

  • We offer you the freedom to reach new parts of NYC while working in diverse communities

  • We are an active team and regularly participate in company social leagues, team-building activities, and sporting events



At Kids in the Game, you can expect to be welcomed into an engaging and spirited environment that emphasizes the importance of teamwork, open communication, and collaboration. We are proud to foster an inclusive environment where our team members feel respected by and connected to one another. We value the unique experiences, perspectives, and passions of our employees, and we look forward to adding dynamic personalities to our team.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment for all of our interns and employees. We recruit candidates from across the city, state, and country, from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We have developed partnerships with organizations that allow us to target our hiring practices to include chronically discriminated against or low-income groups, and improve their access to high-quality employment opportunities.



Our KING Hoops Coaches can expect to have the following qualifications:

  • Have a passion for both basketball and utilizing sports to make positive change in the lives of NYC’s youth. 

  • Have the ability to connect with, relate to, and manage youth/young adults.

  • Understand the game of basketball at a high level, including game tactics and methods for player development/skill acquisition. 

  • Evaluate each child’s growth in skills, knowledge, and contribution to the team. 

  • Connect with our players/parents on each player’s progress.

  • Keep an open mind about working with and learning from others, and overall maintaining a growth-mindset. 

  • Demonstrate empathy and emotional intelligence by practicing active listening, and model this behavior for our youth.

  • Go the extra mile to help each individual player grow, both on and off the court. This includes being aligned with our life-skills programming and career-development cohort, supporting the college recruitment process.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Possess a bachelor’s or advanced level degree. 

  • Possess at least 2 years of experience coaching college or high school basketball.

  • Have connections to other basketball professionals and be willing to connect with college coaches on behalf of our players.

  • Has a current USA Basketball certification, or be willing to become certified upon employment.

  • Possess a valid driver’s license and is comfortable driving in NYC.