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Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

About the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) Public Policy Team

We strengthen Metro Atlanta’s business climate. Our team stands on facts and works to accurately frame issues. We invest in and nurture key relationships and constructively engage with external partners. We treat others as friends and future friends. We keep our word and follow through.


We share credit, celebrate and value others; we act with integrity; we innovate and strive to deliver high quality work. We engage our investors. We convene stakeholders with various perspectives. We believe in the long game and trust the process. We educate, create awareness and understanding, seek support, then act. Our team takes fierce pride in its work and in the region and state we call home.




Advance MAC’s public policy goals and provide support to the Public Policy department. 



  • Legislative
    • Monitor, research, and track in real-time legislative activity at the state and local government levels that could impact Georgia and the metro Atlanta region
    • Attend and participate in government committee meetings, policy working groups, partner programs, etc.
    • Interact with state and local elected officials and their staff, state agencies, and MAC members
  • Administrative
    • Plan and execute administrative tasks including accounting, budgeting, financial oversight, scheduling, communications, etc.
    • Oversee operations of various entities, including fundraising, consultant selection and oversight, board communication, compliance, etc.
  • Event and Communications Support
    • Assist with planning and execution of Chamber events, meetings, initiatives, and other policy events attended by investors, policy-makers, and partners.
    • Assist with creating department communications, social media, website/blog content, etc.
  • External
    • Foster relationships with MAC members, partners, other lobbyists, government officials, and government staff
    • Plan and execute in-district legislative touches
  • One to three years of experience preferred in government affairs, public policy, planning or community development
  • Exceptional attention to details, organizational skills, and verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent social and interpersonal skills; capacity to interact with a wide variety of people in government, politics, civic and business leadership
  • Self-starter, capable of working independently and collaboratively with other team members to produce desired outcomes
  • High energy, versatile, and able to multi-task; flexible, able to adapt to changing priorities and plans



Our team at the Metro Atlanta Chamber strives every day to honor our seven organizational values (below). One way we do that is by recruiting the region’s – and dare we say, the world’s – top talent. Our colleagues represent a diverse group of professionals from across industry sectors, organizational types and geographic regions, all striving for excellence. They set MAC apart as a premier organization to work for and engage with, both across the region and beyond.


MAC’s multi-cultural and multi-generational team extends from metro Atlanta’s diversity and vitality. Most importantly, we celebrate our differences and welcome the wide-range of experiences that our colleagues bring to their roles every day. To build on those diverse backgrounds, we’re encouraged to participate in professional development activities and offered opportunities to work alongside our region’s top business leaders.


We believe that metro Atlanta is the center of what’s new, now and next in business, entertainment, tech and much more. And we can’t wait to share our story on a global scale. 


As part of MAC’s continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to maintaining business continuity with a location-agnostic approach that requires a strong sense of creativity and thirst for innovation. Under our remote work policy, our employees are taking steps to ensure that they are productive, including utilizing digital tools to perform their job responsibilities, deliver results, and meet performance expectations.



Act as One

  • We act and achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.
  • We are positive and supportive of the image of the organization & metro Atlanta.
  • We demonstrate cooperation and trust with colleagues across the organization.
  • We recognize the requirement and actively work to support other teams. 

Deliver with Passion

  • We have a strong belief and zeal for our region, its citizens, our jobs and the organization.
  • We convey energy and intensity at work with a capacity for keeping others enthusiastic and involved.
  • We like to make the right things happen.

Operate with Integrity

  • We deliver on promises to stakeholders, employees and team members.
  • We provide timely, honest and fair feedback.
  • We engage in productive, positive conversations.
  • We do not pursue individual objectives to the detriment of the company goals.

Drive Innovation

  • We create new ideas and opportunities.
  • We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that focuses on organizational growth.
  • We are willing to take risks, share new ideas and consider new and untested approaches.
  • We continually find ways to improve processes.

Be Respectful

  • We are honest and direct as well as tactful and considerate.
  • We leave things as good as or better than we found them.
  • We consider perspectives outside of our own.
  • We give attention to the things that are important to others.
  • We recognize that everyone plays a critical role in the success of the organization.

Have Fun

  • We look for both fun and humor in our daily work.
  • We take our work seriously but not ourselves.
  • We celebrate and embrace our diversity and each person’s individuality.
  • We focus on and celebrate winning.

Be Inclusive

  • We treasure diversity as the blending of different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and identities.
  • We value open participation from individuals with different ideas and viewpoints.
  • We foster an inclusive culture within our organization, with our partners, and members.
MAC Values
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