Quality Assurance Inspector
Job Details
PCF - Kent - Kent, WA
High School
Day shift
QA - Quality Control


In the role of ICQA Associate, the individual will work within several areas of the warehouse. Quality within the warehouse begins with a strong foundation of inbound inspection procedures. The ICQA associate will inspect inbound produce loads from suppliers and internal transfers in accordance with USDA standards. In addition, the associate will walk the warehouse and cold rooms (including the Broken Bench area) multiple times daily, inspecting the overall quality of ALL inventory in the facility. The individual will work with the site banana ripener to assist with daily activities associated with the ripening area.



Quality Control

  • Inspect all inbound produce shipments on arrival to ensure compliance with established USDA standards.
  • Monitor the condition and quality of products in inventory by opening cases, checking receiving dates, and tracking proper case rotation in the pick slots.
  • Document and communicate information and related quality control reports in accordance with standards, deadlines, and company requirements.
  • Work with the buying team to problem-solve the best avenues for generating revenue on all items based on quality conditions.
  • Make suggestions for movement of product to the Repack Department, Clearance Warehouse, or Glean area will be discussed with the Sales Team, Buying Staff, and Inventory Control Coordinator.

Inventory Control

  • Monitor physical inventory daily by checking receiving dates and product movement through the pick slots. Procedures include watching for shortages and/or lack of movement, monitoring age of product, scanning for visual quality of inventory, and checking pallet receiving tags for accuracy.
  • Perform cycle counts and daily inventory adjustments as necessary to maintain accurate inventory levels.
  • Work with the operations team to establish the root cause of receiving or rotation errors and assist with a corrective action plan to avoid future issues. 
  • Ensure all repacked product is placed back into inventory prior to the end of the shift.


  • 2+ years of experience within the Produce industry (Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, etc.)
  • Possess knowledge of food handling, processing, quality, storage and inspection of produce items.
  • High school diploma, GED or equivalent and at least 18 years of age
  • Must be able to read and take direction in English
  • Knowledge of basic computer skills such as Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Ability to lift at least 50 lbs. and work extended periods of time in cold temperatures


  • 4+ years of experience within the Produce Industry
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to coach, train and assist team members and communicate effectively to a group of 10+ associates
  • Demonstrate comprehension of food safety principles and ability to develop, refine and implement operational best practices for a high quality/ high volume operation
  • Display a proven ability to think outside of the box and search for innovative solutions
  • Have experience with performance metrics and  show initiative in developing process improvements (how, when, who)
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