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Prevention Specialist

Job Details

High School
Nonprofit - Social Services


The Youth Prevention Specialist is responsible for providing prevention/intervention services to program participants and/or their families.  The Youth Prevention Specialist will monitor program and group activities to ensure that they are consistent with Change Happens! policies and procedures and the requirements of the funding sources. 


  • At least two years experience working with “ at-risk” youth and their families
  • Ability to adapt to a dynamic and changing environment
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse community groups
  • Possess excellent organizational, verbal, and written communication skills


  1. Meet established goals and performance standards
  2. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and skills
  3. Recruit, screen, and enroll eligible applicants to receive services
  4. Facilitate individual, group, and family sessions on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, life skills, abstinence, HIV prevention, and related issues
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and familiarity with community resources
  6. Work closely with program staff and school personnel to provide prevention and intervention services to eligible youth
  7. Facilitate activities for the assigned group(s) in the program
  8. Document participant’s screening, assessments, service plan, attendance, and progress in program activities within 48 hours of providing each client service 
  9. Compile and submit weekly activity reports, submit reports that are accurate, thorough, and neat to designated staff
  10. Maintain complete, accurate records of program services and activities
  11. Assess and refer either in person or telephone youth/adult for appropriate service
  12. Conduct follow-ups on all referrals and submit outcomes according to policies and procedures and funding source standards
  13. Ability to replicate and implement program service in various settings
  14. Assist in developing strategies to involve parents in program activities, including Parent Link Meetings, in school activities, such as PTA, Open House
  15. Administer screening and evaluation instruments according to policies and procedures established by funding source(s)
  16. Perform other duties as assigned



  1. The Youth Prevention Specialist will possess current knowledge of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use trends as related to the At-Risk Youth population
  2. Maintain case record documentation compliance
  3. Assist in developing strategies to increase community awareness of RESCUE YOUTH program services
  4. Participate in scheduled staff meetings and staff development training
  5. Establish and maintain strong working relationships with community resources
  6. Adhere to the guidelines and keep abreast of changes in the Department of State Health Services (DSHS), in Child-Care Council- Juvenile Delinquency, Office Of the Governors, Rules and Standards, as related to prevention/intervention services
  7. Meet/exceed goals and expectations of grant requirement
  8. Ability to work with minimum supervision
  9. Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior at all times when representing the agency


1. COMPETENCY: Initiative

  • FACTOR 1 Volunteers readily
  • FACTOR 2 Undertakes self-development activities
  • FACTOR 3 Seeks increased responsibilities
  • FACTOR 4 Takes independent actions and calculated risks
  • FACTOR 5 Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities
  • FACTOR 6 Asks for help when needed

2. COMPETENCY: Flexibility (Adaptability)

  • FACTOR 1 Adapts to changes in the work environment
  • FACTOR 2 Manages competing demands
  • FACTOR 3 Accepts criticism and feedback
  • FACTOR 4 Changes approach or method to best fit the situation

3.  COMPETENCY: Creativity (Innovation)

  • FACTOR 1 Displays original thinking and creativity
  • FACTOR 2 Meets challenges with resourcefulness
  • FACTOR 3 Generates suggestions for improving work
  • FACTOR 4 Develops innovative approaches and ideas

4.   COMPETENCY: Global Thinking

  • FACTOR 1 Develops strategies to achieve organizational goals;
  • FACTOR 2 Understands organization's strengths & weaknesses; 
  • FACTOR 3 Identifies external threats and opportunities
  • FACTOR 4 Adapts strategy to changing conditions.
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