Direct Support Professional (Targeted Applications) - Jackson/Josephine County
Job Details
Medford - , OR
$15.00 - $15.50 Hourly
Nonprofit - Social Services

Providing supports in Medford, Central Point, Merlin, and Grants Pass, DSP's in Jackson and Josephine Counties mostly work in 24-hour residential settings. DSP’s are instrumental in supporting individuals in their pursuit of community connectedness, employment and lifestyle dreams. They understand that they have a unique role in the lives of the people PCL supports and while this includes assisting with essential health, safety and basic care needs, it is MUCH MORE. This position will require advanced knowledge of mental health and positive behavioral support, advanced training expectations and when appropriate and necessary, sharing of overall department/team goals. This position must encourage the best practice of supporting people using evidence based therapeutic models and environmental change to achieve consistent, stable and productive lives. Successful candidates will be ethical, patient, reliable, communicative, compassionate, able to work independently, and adaptable.

Essential Functions:

To be able to do this job, you must:

  • Be able to regularly attend all training, team meetings, and scheduled shifts as outlined in the position acceptance.
  • Be able to regularly lift a minimum of 25lbs. Depending on work location, some positions may require a higher lifting requirement.
  • Have basic computer skills and be able to complete all required documentation via computer.
  • Must be able prepare written reports using proper punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Receive and maintain CPR, Oregon Intervention System (OIS), Bloodborne Pathogens, Mandatory Abuse Reporting certification, and other certifications required by the position, PCL, and other governing agencies.
  • Complete all duties related to being a Mandatory Abuse Reporter.
  • Be able to respond to emergency and/or crisis situations while on shift(may require physical intervention).

Basic Duties:
In this job you will:

  • Promote and implement PCL’s mission in the lives of those we support.
  • Provide a stable living environment by promoting and attending to the individual's right to respect and dignity, individual choice and input, and health and safety needs at all times.
  • Maintain positive relationships with individuals supported, PCL team members, and others with whom you will interact.
  • Act as a model for and advocate of individual’s rights and choices.
  • Respect and maintain the confidentiality of the individuals’ supports.
  • Be able to work unsupervised and alone with the individual(s) supported.
  • Meet all deadlines as outlined.


  • All employees are paid on a monthly basis.
  • Wages are $15.00/hour-$15.50/hour (Base wage $13.50/hr. Additional department differential of $1.00/hr and location differential of $0.50/hr included after successful completion of new hire training. Some positions have a shift differential of $0.25 - $0.50/hr). If you leave this department, your wage will be $14.00 - $14.50/hour ($13.50/hr. with location differential of $0.50/hr).  (Minimum Wage until new hire training is successfully completed)
  • Full time employees (30 or more hours a week) are eligible for 401(K), Paid Time Off, Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance and Life Insurance coverage.


  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Possess a valid government issued photo ID, driver’s license preferred.
  • Some positions require that you be able to meet agency insurance requirements to be able to drive. (Click here for driver eligibility guide.)
  • Be able to pass a State/Federal background check. Fingerprints may be required. (Click here for link to current Potential Disqualifying Crimes and Conditions.)
  • Pass a pre-employment drug screening for illegal substances.
  • Pass a pre-employment computer skills assessment.
  • Be able to regularly lift a minimum of 25 lbs. Depending on work location, some positions may require a higher lifting requirement.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Able to schedule and coordinate multiple projects and follow through with completion.
  • Utilize excellent interpersonal communication skills to work successfully with individuals supported, PCL team members, and others you may be required to interact with.
  • Be well organized and attentive to detail.
  • Be cooperative and willing to learn.
  • Be able to operate all related computer applications and business machines.

Mental Activities:

  • Must be able to interpret various verbal and written instructions.
  • Must be able perform basic math skills.
  • Must be able read a variety of books, magazines, instruction manuals and other related writings.

Training Requirements and Expectations:

  • Attend a required Meet and Greet. This is the scheduled first day of work.
  • Shadow shifts between Meet and Greet and Orientation Training.
  • Attend a two week orientation training in Grants Pass, may be flexible with prior communication.
  • Complete all classes and submit all documentation required during orientation.