Jr. QA/Support Engineer
Job Details
Yakima - Yakima, WA

Job Title:             Jr. QA/Support Engineer                              

Department:  Information Technology  

Classification:   Exempt/Salary                                                 

Reports to:  Sr. Application Developer



Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university in Computer Science or related field required. Relevant experience in enterprise software QA, documentation or support a plus.

  1. Experienced in the creation and execution of automated unit tests in JS, PHP or C#.
  2. Experienced in the implementation of re-usable virtualized development and testing environments using Docker, Vagrant or VMware.
  3. Modern IDEs, tooling and the command line including test automation.
  4. Experience with application log or event monitoring and reporting.
  5. Understanding of CI/CD and automated provisioning, and configuration management.
  6. Client-side JS framework such as Vue, Angular or React, API consumption and SPA experience.
  7. Server-side frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, Cake, .NET Core or Xamarin.
  8. Experience with markdown languages and documentation tools such as Atlassian Confluence.
  9. Demonstrate a powerful sense of customer service, teamwork, work ethic and positivity.
  10. Ability and proclivity towards planning and completing technical projects autonomously: research, plan, estimate, validate, execute, evaluate, document and report outcomes.
  11. Familiar with modern VCS such as Git to collaborate on shared codebases, tasks and timelines.
  12. Strong written communication skills with aptitude towards technical diagrams, features and workflow documentation, including SOPs, developer and end user documentation.
  13. Capture and create visualizations to support documentation such as UIs, diagrams and flowcharts.
  14. Able to create, document and execute detailed, comprehensive and well-structured software test plans, and sign off on software release candidates for QA.
  15. Able to identify, evaluate, reproduce, prioritize, document and track all issues discovered in testing, monitoring and logs, and perform thorough regression testing as issues are resolved.
  16. Experience with JavaScript, PHP or C#, OOP & MVC.

Job Summary:

The Jr. QA/Support Engineer is responsible for software test planning and execution, technical and end-user documentation, administration, monitoring and support for applications, API’s and enterprise system integrations at Yakima Chief Hops. Working closely with developers and other teams throughout the organization, the QA Support Engineer serves as a technical resource to support the continuous improvement of the company’s software ecosystems via strategic testing, documentation and support.


Job Duties:

  1. Learn, test, document and provide support for web applications, integrations, API’s and production and staging server environments spanning multiple technologies and platforms.
  2. Monitor application logs and create reports highlighting issues and reoccurring problems.
  3. Assist in curating and improving existing CI/CD pipelines, automated provisioning, and configuration management infrastructure.
  4. Develop and provide trainings to be given to both technical and non-technical staff.
  5. Create and execute detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases for API’s, web and mobile applications.
  6. Create, organize and maintain detailed, polished, thorough documentation libraries.
  7. Provide technical support for software solutions to developers and end users.
  8. Maintain local testing environments, support production deployments and implementations.
  9. Support developers in delivering high-quality, secure digital experiences without sacrificing stability, performance, responsiveness, maintainability and scalability.
  10. Maintain and continually update working knowledge of all relevant technologies, languages, tools and platforms.
  11. Ensure compliance with privacy policies, security audits and certifications.
  12. Support Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity efforts for all business-critical enterprise web applications/commerce pipelines.
  13. Remain vigilant in the pursuit and presentation of process improvement and enhanced efficiency.
  14. Maintain sanitary and safe work environment and follow safety requirements.
  15. May actively participate on company’s Safety Committee.
  16. Ensure that company safety policies as well as federal, state and local safety and environmental regulations are observed.
  17. Must have a complete understanding of company’s policies, SOPs, QPs, EPs, HACCP and cGMP that pertain to their department to ensure quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability.
  18. Must adhere to all company policies.
  19. Examine documents, materials, and products and monitor work processes to assess completeness, accuracy and conformance to standards and specifications.
  20. Follow all SOPs in a given area.
  21. Perform all other duties as assigned by Manager and/or designee.