Job Details
Bartlesville, OK - Bartlesville, OK
$14.00 - $15.00 Hourly
Sales Associate








  • Observes shift operating hours at all times, as assigned by the Store Manager.
  • Performs specific tasks as assigned by the Store Manager.
  • Assists the Store Manager in seeing that the store maintains a store-inspection grade of at least 90% on the store-inspection report.
  • Adheres to all city, county, state, and federal Alcoholic Beverage Sales regulations.
  • Adheres to all city, county, state, and federal tobacco regulations.
  • Adheres to all Company policies.
  • Gives all customers prompt and courteous service.
  • Follows the work schedule as posted, unless a change in schedule is arranged with the Store Manager.
  • Stays familiar with the Company Price Book, Policy Manual, and bulletins.
  • Ensures the Store Manager is made aware of all sales, cash, or operating discrepancies.
  • Operates shift within Company guidelines to achieve sales and profit.


  • Prepares a shift-change report at the completion of shift in accordance with Company guidelines.
  • Clocks in and out on the computer, and signs verifying all hours worked.
  • Notifies the Store Manager of any discrepancies in the operating results on the shift report, or cash over or shift conditions in excess of $5.00 within 24 hours.
  • Assures proper sale and accounting for money orders during shift.
  • Rings all sales as discussed in the Policy Manual.
  • Accurately posts markups and markdowns, store use of merchandise, voids, and bad merchandise write-offs, within established guidelines.


  • Advises the Store Manager of any personnel situations or policy violations having an adverse effect on store operating performance.


  • Shares the responsibility for controlling the inventory on the shift or in the store.
  • Advises the Store Manager immediately if the bank deposit is not made on a daily basis.
  • Follows Company policy with regard to excessive cash in register, change box, and safe security, as directed by the Store Manager.
  • Completes shift-change report at the end of shift, as directed by the Store Manager.
  • Follows correct vendor check-in procedure as defined in the Policy Manual and as directed by the Store Manager.
  • Protects Company assets at all times.


  • Keeps coolers, drink boxes, store shelves, and displays fully stocked and fronted at all times.
  • Properly cleans and maintains equipment and readies high-margin products such as coffee, fountain drinks, etc., as directed by the Store Manager.
  • Uses correct pricing as listed in the price book or grocery catalog for all merchandise.
  • Uses plus-selling techniques as directed by the Store Manager.


  • Keeps store floors clean at all times, with specific responsibility being assigned by the Store Manager.
  • Checks refrigeration equipment for proper performance a minimum of twice per shift.
  • Cleans windows, floors, shelving, counters, and gas pumps to ensure they remain clean at all times.
  • Check bathrooms for cleanliness every hour.
  • Post signs on out-of-order equipment.
  • Post signs on hazardous conditions, such as wet floors.
  • Immediately advise the Store Manager of any maintenance problems.



NOTE: These factors constitute “essential functions” of the job.


  • Be available to work any and all scheduled hours, as attendance is crucial, and be available to work occasional unscheduled shifts as requested or needed.
  • Be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language at the eighth-grade level, including the ability to hear the spoken word.
  • Be able to perform arithmetical calculations at the eighth-grade level in order to make change, complete shift reports, and account for numbers of a variety of products during vendor check-in.
  • Have sufficient visual acuity to check identification and process money orders.
  • Be able to read and understand instructions for operating electronic cash registers and other equipment.
  • Be able to lift and carry up to 55 pounds, including cases of milk cartons and soft drinks, beer and juice containers, boxes of fountain syrup, and mop buckets, etc. as required.
  • Be able to stock shelves and cooler.
  • Be able to react to fire by lifting a fire extinguisher weighing 20 pounds, moving it to the fire area, and use it.
  • Be able to bend in order to pull a metal plate weighing 20 pounds and to put a tanker truck nozzle in the underground storage tank.
  • Be able to tolerate exposure to gasoline fumes and cleaning products, follow directions on the label.
  • Be able to climb a ladder to clean windows.
  • Be able to tolerate exposure to cleaning products, follow directions on label, and to sweep and mop floors, dust shelves, and lift and carry out trash containers and place in an outside bin.
  • Be able to clean the parking lot and grounds surrounding the convenience store.
  • Be able to enter and work in a cooler at a temperature of 34 degrees up to 20 minutes at a time.
  • Be able to enter and work in a freezer at a temperature of –20 degrees for short periods.
  • Be able to bag a minimum of 100 bags of ice per shift.
  • Be able to see and identify objects or people up to 40 yards from the register area.
  • Be able to use fingers bilaterally and unilaterally (one handed) in the operation of store equipment. Ex: cash registers, computers, and adding machines.
  • Be able to stand on your feet for up to a full eight hour shift in a performance of job duties.
  • Be able to bend, stoop, push and pull in the stocking and merchandising of the store.
  • Be able to work as a "team" member to assure constant and consistent customer satisfaction.