Linkage Coordinator
Job Details
Full Time
4 Year Degree
Nonprofit - Social Services
General Description

The Linkage Coordinator will conduct HIV outreach, counseling, testing and referral services; document activities; implement behavioral interventions, collect data and provide other HIV prevention services in targeted communities; and provide linkage for clients to HIV medical care and case management, partner services and essential services as needed. This is a full-time position that reports to the program coordinator.


  • Follow CDC Protocol-Based Counseling guidelines
  • Follow testing guidelines set by the Department of State Health and Human Services
  • Conduct HIV prevention and intervention activities with target population
  • Conduct motivational interview techniques 
  • Conduct in-depth risk assessment and risk reduction counseling 
  • Perform all HIV outreach services in accordance with Texas Administrative Code
  • Adhere to established procedures for conducting street outreach
  • Provide outreach through social media entities
  • Distribute written materials for educational and health literacy levels of target population
  • Utilize webpage and Internet to conduct HIV outreach services
  • Participate in targeted recruitment of participants
  • Adhere to quality management policies and procedures 
  • Provide HIV½ Advanced Antibody Test using Rapid Test process,
  • Distribute materials to support risk reduction (condoms. Substance abuse reduction tools and other safer sex tools) to target population
  • Compile and submit cumulative and quarterly program reports 
  • Comply with program procedure guidance as outlined by state and federal entities
  • Attend appropriate community resource meetings, staff meetings, trainings, and telephone conferences
  • Participate in general HIV testing events
  • Conduct Community identification activities
  • Attend the HIV Community Advisory Board (CAB) meetings
  • Perform other assigned duties  in a timely and efficient matter,
  • Perform and oversee special projects.
  • Provide linkage and follow-up to clients receiving referrals from the program.
  • Undergraduate degree in social or behavioral sciences
  • Two years successful experience conducting HIV outreach, testing, counseling and prevention/intervention activities with target population 
  • Knowledgeable and competent in discussing the clinical aspects of HIV, Hepatitis C and other communicable diseases associated with substance use/abuse
  • Able to demonstrate ability to address concerns openly and comfortable about sexual and substance abuse risk behaviors to target population
  • Thorough knowledge of the target areas, including resources, culture and overall environment,
  • Two years experience in the use of motivational interviewing techniques, and harm-reduction models Transtheoretical Model of Stages of Change,
  • Foster and maintain working linkages with community resources
  • Current valid driver’s license and daily access to a vehicle during work hours,
  • Successful completion of required HIV prevention and counseling course as outlined by local, state, and federal government,
  • Able to demonstrate ability to enter and report data into various computer systems
  • Outstanding organizational, verbal and written communication skills,
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with diverse community groups,
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher
  • Proficient in using social media networks YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram