Corporate Relations/New Business Development Intern - Spring 2020
Job Details
Headquarters - Atlanta, GA

Position Summary

This position will assist the New Business Team within the Donor Engagement department with projects surrounding research for new business prospecting, internal growth strategy, and department-wide database management to expand portfolio of corporate investors/donors. Position includes online research, PowerPoint building, writing case statements and data entry.


  • Conduct business, corporate social responsibility, and community involvement research about corporations (using internet and tech platforms at UWGA)

  • Tracking and monitoring business publications and other sources for relevant information

  • Identify specific information requested that aligns with UWGA programs

  • Prepare presentations and prospect profiles with managerial assistance

  • Enter information into UWGA Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

  • Safeguard the confidentiality of donor information at all times, uphold departmental policies regarding confidential information, adhere to ethical and confidentiality guidelines

  • May perform additional projects upon request, which may lead to new products/initiatives/processes


  • Confidentiality and discretion required

  • Excellent research (online,etc), analysis and presentation skills

  • Good written and verbal communication skills

  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills

  • Able to work cooperatively and autonomously

  • Ability to focus while in close proximity to others

  • Commitment to grow personally and professionally

  • Commitment to the mission of UWGA

  • Experience with Microsoft Office (365) preferred

Helpful Qualities

  • Enjoy detective work and mystery: patience, persistence, ambiguity and a sense of humor

  • Understanding of corporate philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices

  • Fundraising experience and familiarity with fundraising terms

  • Collaboration – the intern can expect to work as a pair or on a larger team. Many tasks are collaborative and require the intern to have great communication skills

  • Time management – the intern will be expected to complete some tasks on a deadline.

  • Design thinking – management encourages innovation, which requires an entrepreneurial and creative way of approaching complex problems

  • Research – efficient corporate prospecting requires meticulous online researching skills and acuity

Experiences Offered

  • High-level fundraising skills to connect CSR to mission of nonprofit

  • Work with and contribute to one of Atlanta’s largest and oldest nonprofit organizations

  • Belong to a community committed to learning and growing together

  • Practical experience with varied business activities


The United Way of Greater Atlanta (UWGA) internship program is a one semester, paid program designed to give college students an opportunity to complement their formal education with career-related experience.

United Way of Greater Atlanta supports internship programs that provide growth and learning opportunities to students pursuing their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

To qualify as a student intern, students must meet one of the four following enrollment criteria:

  • The student is currently enrolled as a full-time student as defined by the school, organization, or institution.
    • The student must provide proof of enrollment upon hire.
    • Proof of continued enrollment must be provided each semester during the regular school year.
  • The student has been accepted into an educational institution which meets the above requirement, when between institutions (e.g., from high school to college).
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