Prep Cook
Job Details
Plank Seafood Provisions - Old Market - Omaha, NE

High School or equivalent

No experience is required but preferred.  Must be able to take written and verbal instruction.  We have a thorough training
program to prepare you for success in your position with Flagship Restaurant Group.

Must be able to work high temperature work environments.   This position will require standing, bending, lifting, kneeling and walking the entire workday.  Must have the ability to lift 10 pounds frequently and up to 50 pounds occasionally.  Must be able to handle the demands of a fast
paced and sometimes demanding work atmosphere. 


Job Description
A Flagship Restaurant Group Preparation Cook must have the ability to read and write.  Must have a basic knowledge of food cookery hot and cold.  They are required to complete prep lists assigned them along with deep cleaning projects that are delegated by the Executive Chef and Sous Chef.  Must understand the importance of handling food and kitchen wares in a clean and safe fashion.  Must also maintain food and sanitation standards at all times.  Maintains a positive work environment and is team work oriented.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Maintain a clean work space and all times (clean as you go mentality)
  • Work at a fast and efficient pace
  • Practice thorough and often handwashing
  • Ability to read and follow recipes
  • Ensure that all equipment being used for food preparation is cleaned and sanitized
  • Has a general knowledge on how to use measuring devices (scales, measuring spoons and cups)
  • Chemical safety comprehension
  • Ensure that all food and cleaning projects are up to FSRG standards
  • Maintains a clean appearance and is will be in uniform for every shift
  • Abides by all brand standards and company policies and procedures
  • Wide variety of food cooking and preparation methods
  • Mush know, understand, and abide by all HACCP plans established by FRG
  • Assist Dish Steward in cleaning and sanitizing dishes