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Job Details

CERAland Park - Columbus, IN
Part Time



• Reports to Aquatic Center Manager

• Assists the Aquatic Center Manager to ensure the safety and well being of all

Aquatic Center patrons and promote the prevention of accidents.


• Enforce all facility rules in a fair and consistent manner; informing all patrons of

rules and policies when necessary.

• Maintain a professional and mature attitude with regard to patrons, co-workers

and supervisors.

• Become thoroughly familiar with emergency procedures.

• Maintain a clean, healthy and safe facility under the direction of the Aquatic

Center Manager.

• Responsible for the daily maintenance duties of the pool as directed by the

Aquatic Center Manager. Including duties such as: cleaning the pool and pool

deck, picking up litter, backwashing, cleaning restrooms and showers, etc.

• Perform assigned duties while on break from chair as assigned by the Aquatic

Center Manager.

• Keep physically fit throughout the season, performing the required routines as

assigned by the Aquatic Center Manager.

• Attend all staff meetings and in-service training.

• Keep calm and use good judgment in times of stress, never using improper

language or physical force when dealing with the patrons or co-workers.

• Report definite or potential physical hazards and unsafe conditions to Aquatic

Center Manager immediately.

• Perform other duties as assigned by Aquatic Center Manager, Program

Coordinator or CERA Management.


• Must have good working relationship with full and part-time employees.

• Must be available to work evenings and weekends as required.

• May be required to work holidays, long hours during peak periods.

• Good organizational and communication skills.

• Must maintain proper CERA dress code.


• Must be 16 years of age

• Must have or be able to obtain First Aid and CPR Certifications.

• Prefer an individual who has knowledge of pool operations.

• Must have current Lifeguard Certification.

• Must pass both written and in-water pre-employment tests.