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About the Community Land Trust 

The St. Louis Community Land Trust is a new organization and a tool for equitable economic and community  development in the region. It is the first of its kind in the region and a model for the nation given its expansive  programmatic approach in noncontiguous neighborhoods. Building on the work of Green City Coalition (GCC), the  CLT will focus on converting vacant land and property in the City of St. Louis into diverse and sustainable green  spaces as well as residential and commercial real estate development. At the heart of the organization’s mission is  a relentless commitment to engaging residents and relying on their leadership to determine priorities and desired  outcomes for the neighborhoods in which the CLT will work.  

The CLT is poised for rapid growth in its first few years of operation. We expect that the staff will grow to five full  time employees and a team of seasonal maintenance workers by the end of its third year in existence. The budget  will be commensurate with this growth in staff and programs, and the CLT’s early backers are laying the groundwork  for a major fundraising campaign to continue raising start-up funds. Most importantly, the CLT will acquire a  significant portion of vacant land and property currently owned by the City’s Land Reutilization Authority (LRA) which  it will need to maintain and eventually convert into usable spaces to further the interests and goals of the  communities where they are located.  

Values of equity (especially related to the racial wealth gap and economic opportunity), anti-displacement, inclusion,  and self-determination for residents will guide the CLT’s work and its programs, board members, and advisors will  reflect these values.  

Who are we looking for? 

The Community Land Trust is seeking its founding Executive Director. We are looking for a leader who will be  comfortable in a start-up environment. The land trust will be under fiscal sponsorship for at least the first year of its  operations, and we need a leader who can both establish its programs and presence in the community and help the  team build the necessary infrastructure to become a stand-alone nonprofit organization.  

The Executive Director will lead the land trust’s growth, navigating land acquisition, hiring a team, raising funds for  the organization, managing the founding board of directors, and recruiting and onboarding advisory group members.  The Executive Director will also build relationships on behalf of the CLT -- with residents, neighborhood  organizations, coalitions and other players in the community development, economic development, and housing  sectors. The ideal candidate is a motivated self-starter who can meet major milestones in a shifting and sometimes  uncertain environment. 

The Community Land Trust’s program implementation will be incremental, beginning with significant partnership  and involvement in the neighborhoods where Green City Coalition has been working to establish community-owned  green spaces with residents. The bulk of GCC’s operations will eventually be the responsibility of the CLT, and from  there the CLT will work with its board, advisors, and community leaders to determine the neighborhoods in which  the team will partner. The Executive Director will also establish the CLT’s parameters for membership in its first years  of operation. We are seeking a leader who is committed to equitable economic development and supporting  communities in the St. Louis region that have experienced disinvestment over time.

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The Executive Director will marshall resources, information, and opportunities from local governments that can help  advance the land trust’s efforts. We anticipate the job will include working relationships with the Board of Aldermen  and ward leaders, the mayor’s office, St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) and LRA, STL Vacancy Collaborative,  St. Louis Association of Community Organizations (SLACO), Community Builders Network of Metro St. Louis (CBN),  and Missouri Department of Conservation, among others. A successful candidate will be able to navigate  relationships with diverse stakeholders from boardrooms to neighborhood meetings.  

Job Responsibilities  

Infrastructure Development (25%) 

Fund Development (30%) 

Program Management (20%) 

Staff Management and Human Resources (15%) 

Board and Leadership Development (10%) 

What experience would we like you to have?  

● Significant experience developing and managing complex budgets  

● Familiarity with fund development concepts and managing creative and diverse funding portfolios  ● Demonstrated skill hiring and managing employees, especially in a complex organizational structure  ● Knowledge of community development practices, including local community development corporations  and other organizations in the sector  

● Understanding of real estate transactions (commercial and residential), development, and/or city  planning 

● Understanding of government services, constituent services, and public funding in the city of St. Louis  (and statewide), including the budget process, neighborhood outreach and planning 

What can you expect from us?  

● A fast-paced environment, a nimble team, and a group of people dedicated to being responsive to the  needs of black communities in our region.  

● The support of the GCC team, the City’s Vacancy Specialist, and related consultants to create and execute  the plan for the first year of the CLT’s operations.  

● The backing of key stakeholders as you exercise autonomy to create the land trust’s vision and determine  its strategies with the help of board and advisory group members. 

● A starting salary of $70,000, health insurance, paid time off, and a comprehensive benefits package.  

We are an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,  ancestry, religion, age, disability, sex or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran's status, or  marital status.

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