Logistics Manager
Job Details
Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton, MA
Full Time

Solect Energy is growing and moving into new markets. Are you interested in working for one of the nation's fastest growing industries? Are you ready to join the front lines of the renewable energy movement? Then Solect is looking for you.

Solect is currently seeking a full time Logistics Manager whose primary role is a hands-on working member and manager of the Logistics Team performing duties to support sites, service, warehouse, and fleet needs while assigning and overseeing tasks to the Logistics Team Members (LTMs). The Logistics Manager (LM) provides material handling and delivery services to current projects. The LM will drive company vehicles to deliver job site construction materials and safety equipment as needed. The LM will load/unload delivery trucks, set up/breakdown safety equipment and assist with stock handling and inventory controls in the warehouse. When required, the LM will assist with facilities and fleet repairs and maintenance.

Key Job Function

  • Distributing daily assignments to LTMs with the direction and plan from the Sr. Director of Construction is the key role of the L while working with the team to keep an efficient and productive work schedule.

  • Oversees the staging, tracking, and removing all necessary site equipment including dumpsters, PJ, Eagle or trailer, safety and required signage. Coordinate, track, and service lulls (LTM Site Equipment).

  • Oversees the warehouse organization, inventory tracking and InFlow Inventory System. Works in the warehouse and on job sites managing inventory control process and warehouse equipment care and maintenance. (LTM Warehouse).

  • Oversees the inventory and spare parts for the Services business. Ensure spare parts inventory is sourced, tracked, and replenished to reduce down time of solar systems in the field while reducing inventory costs (Parts Manager).

  • Oversees the follow-up on the maintenance of company fleet vehicles. Track and maintain all Logistics fleet and DOT records and files. Trains team members on commercial rated trucks and towing. (LTM Fleet).

  • Oversees the facilities maintenance and upkeep. Keep the warehouse and office campus clean and safe. Coordinate necessary repairs, seasonal cleanup, and scheduled workspace cleaning. (LTM Facilities).

Job Responsibilities

  • Delegates daily assignments to the team to meet all site needs and inventory management.

  • Oversees the materials & equipment logistics to sites, including trackers and pictures. Complete Smartsheet site visit checklists and pictures, pre-stage, stage, and support sites as needed. Support permitting process by dropping off completed applications and picking up issued permits.

  • Works in the warehouse and on job sites managing inventory control process and equipment care and maintenance.

  • Provides support for facilities maintenance; assists Facilities LTM to keep warehouse and office campus clean and safe.

  • Utilize and maintain company fleet as required. Maintain required personal DOT trip logs and weekly DVIR, process weekly personal logistics duty log, fill out inventory tracking sheets and get all proper signatures for receiving and delivery orders.

  • Must be able to walk a customers property which will include terrain and rooftops. Ability to work in extreme environments (example: heat, snow, rain, wind, etc). Willingness and capability to climb ladders, stairs, and work on rooftops. Ability to lift, pull, and push materials and equipment to complete assigned job tasks. Capable to lift 50 lbs of weight frequently throughout assigned worked.


  • Must work well with others and have supervisory / management experience and be able to successfully manage challenging employee dynamics.

  • Valid drivers license and driving record in good standing

  • OSHA 10 certification preferred

  • Superb customer service skills a high level of professionalism and a positive demeanor

  • Professionally persistent, polite, and self-confident