Marketplace Liaison
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Full Time
High School
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Launched in 2015, Retail Bloom stemmed from an organic outgrowth of our parent company, Aleva Stores. After seeing success in our own marketplace division, we quickly realized that our knowledge and expertise could be used to help other companies. With continued discussion and planning, leadership made the decision to branch out to provide marketplace advising and solutions for other businesses.


Today, we are in the top 1% of sellers on Amazon, and we’ve grown to become a trusted marketplace service provider for numerous thriving brands. Our vision is to nurture our brand’s strategy and stay ahead of the game in the marketplace world.


We are looking for great people to join our team!


Looking for an opportunity to join a fast growing team within an e-commerce environment? Retail Bloom is looking to bring on a Marketplace Customer Liaison on a temporary 6 month assignment basis, with the possibility of hiring at the assignment conclusion. The Marketplace Customer Liaison will work alongside the marketplace support team and be responsible for all FBM Orders, and all customer inquiries on all appropriate marketplace channels, including but not limited to eSource, Pike to Peak, Boldigo, Walmart, eBay and Google Shopping. This position will also be responsible for catching any FBM customer order issues, responding to all customer inquiries, balancing all account metrics, and responding to negative account and product feedback.




  • Confirm shipment of all FBM orders, and work to fix any issues with FBM orders that cannot be shipped or need to be amended (including but not limited to shortshipping, cancelling, or substituting product). This includes making sure tracking has posted appropriately for all orders on time, and tracking down and dropshipping orders that have not been processed.
  • Coordinate with warehouse to make sure all orders ship in specified time
  • Timely response of customer voicemails for appropriate channels, as necessary
  • Management of Customer Service VA for all pre and post order questions, and comments, and continuous communication with customer service VA
  • Customer Communication as necessary on non-VA scheduled days
  • Coordinate with appropriate team to dropship any available products that are not available onsite
  • Monitor Listing Closures through notifications, and relist if able or communicate appropriate fix to necessary teams
  • Help pinpoint inventory errors when found (backorders, problem orders, etc.) and work with necessary teams to troubleshoot and coordinate fix
  • Manage account feedback on all accounts regularly, and product feedback as necessary
  • Work within account to ensure that key account metrics are within good standing at all times
  • Approve returns, and refund where necessary
  • Manage any A-Z Claims, and work to appeal if able
  • Manage post-order seller feedback and address any consistent issues when seen with appropriate buyer/teams
  • Stay up to date with any Amazon changes regarding customer communication, or shipment of items,, and adjust processes if needed
  • Any other tasks, projects or duties that may be assigned.



  • Account metrics (Late Shipment Rate, Pre-Fulfillment Cancellation Rate, Premium Shipping Eligibility)
  • Customer Service Response Time (<24 hours)
  • Training/Education Hours
  • Removal/Appeal of Negative Seller Feedback



  • Previous Marketplace work preferred, but not required
  • Attention to detail and extremely organized
  • Ability to manage many moving parts of the position at once
  • Able to prioritize keeping both customer needs, and account metrics in mind
  • Willing to work overtime if needed to complete the job, including after hours and weekends
  • Able to identify abnormal issues quickly
  • Ability to adapt to changing processes if needed