Motor Coach Operator
Job Details
Kincaid Coach Lines OKC - Oklahoma City, OK
Essential Functions


The Motor Coach Operator is the primary customer service representative with our valued customers. They drive state of the art motor coaches, interact and transport our customers while traveling across North America. The Operator is responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of their motor coaches. Person must be self-motivated, work independently, and perform efficiently and effectively with minimum supervision and direction.

Essential Functions

  1. Read in the English language at the eighth-grade level to identify road signs, read necessary forms, maps directions and company policies and procedures.
  2. Possesses basic math skills to keep records of driver's expenses and company monies, mileage, transfer odometer readings and calculate fuel usage. Must be able to count passengers on buses (through 55).
  3. Write legible in the English language to maintain necessary records and forms as prescribed by company policy, (FMCSR driver logs, vehicle inspection reports, company trip documents, etc.)
  4. Do repetitious climbing in and out of equipment as needed to fulfill driver duties.
  5. Qualify and safely operate company highway vehicles as qualified and trained for. Highway vehicles up to and including fifty-six (56) passenger motor coaches.
  6. Lift and load luggage, ski equipment and band instruments.
  7. Must possess the ability to coordinate both feet and hands for operation of vehicles equipped with standard transmissions (operation of clutch, brake, and gas simultaneously).
  8. Coordinate two or more physical operations simultaneously such as maneuvering a bus while operating levers.
  9. Communicate (Speak and understand completely) in the English language to communicate with company dispatch personnel, address passengers on boarding procedures, address passengers on safety emergency procedures, maintain control of passengers, and understand precise instructions.
  10. To tolerate heat and or cold air at times when assisting/boarding/un-boarding passengers and/or loading and un-loading passenger luggage/equipment.
  11. Not have any health issues i.e.; asthma/allergies that would be affected when subject to diesel fuel fumes and/or odors while outside the equipment or when fueling equipment.
  12. Not have any health issues that would prevent operation of company vehicles at times when weather changes occur that may cause vision perception problems and/or when changes in altitude (mountain driving) occur.
  13. To work in an environment with a limited to moderate level of supervision and atmosphere of informal autonomy. This requires as adaptability to variable pressures and paces in any given workday.
  14. To perform multiple-tasks simultaneously, such as drive while concentrating on safety of passengers.



  1. Discretion
  2. Decision Making
  3. Customer/Client Focus
  4. Thoroughness




Required Education and Experience

  • Class B CDL with passenger rating and airbrake rating preferred.
  • Refuel vehicles, which includes checking pumps, recording mileage, and completing fuel card paperwork.
  • No education is required.
How It All Started
Kincaid Coach is a family-owned motor coach, charter bus company founded in 1977. From a modest beginning in and around the Kansas City area, Kincaid Coach has grown to become one of the largest motor coach operators in the nation, operating six terminals: Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Amarillo, Dallas-Fort Worth, and NW Arkansas.
Transforming the Motorcoach Industry
Here at Kincaid, we believe that when you work with us you are chartering more than just a motor coach. It is our intent for you to enjoy and rely on this group of professionals including our highly-trained drivers, dispatchers, safety and training instructors, and management team.