Norcross Assessment Center Director
Job Details
Norcross Assessment Center - Norcross, GA
Full Time
Bachelor's Degree
Nonprofit - Social Services

The Norcross Assessment Center (NAC) Director is responsible for ensuring that the physical facility is operating at maximum effectiveness and will oversee coordinated entry system operations and staff. The NAC is a 7,000 sq ft facility that will serve as the County’s first coordinated entry site and will also house a 20 bed shelter and healthcare services. Reporting to the Director, of HomeFirst, this position will be focused on the coordinated entry system operations and identifying capacity issues within the system through client and partner feedback, data analysis, and gap assessments. 

Position Summary

The NAC Director will work closely with the Director of HomeFirst to develop policies, procedures, and strategic plans for the operation of the coordinated entry system and the NAC. This will be done with an aim at constantly improving the facility/system efficiency an effectiveness.  

Key Responsibilities

  • Management of the Norcross Assessment Center, to include the operations of the Coordinated Entry System;
  • Management of the entire facility complex which includes the Norcross Assessment Center, a 20-bed emergency shelter for homeless women and their children, and primary, mental health and substance abuse healthcare services;
  • Both the shelter and healthcare offerings will be staffed by partner organizations and the day-to-day operations of these services is not under the direct supervision nor is it the responsibility of the Norcross Assessment Center Director.
  • Direct supervision of 4-6 full-time staff members, potentially AmeriCorps VISTA staff; and any volunteers who are permitted to work at the Norcross Assessment Center;
  • Responsible for ensuring that all data collection is completed accurately on a monthly basis by Assessment Center and participating partners;
  • Reviews data collection for accuracy, completeness and timeliness;
  • Reviews and identifies trends within the data collection that needs to be evaluated, specifically any target population tracking and analytical focus;
  • Create, update, and maintain policies and operating procedures for the Norcross Assessment Center and coordinate with the service partners in the facility;
  • Review and ensure that the Coordinated Entry System priorities are being addressed, that clients are being properly assessed and referred to appropriate service providers, and the daily inventory of beds is always accurate;
  • Supervise the entry of client data into the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) required by the State of Georgia;
  • Provide training to staff and volunteers on Coordinated Entry System, HMIS, VI-SPAT, Diversion and Prevention Tool, and Community Resources;
  • Ensure that the facility maintains the highest level of hospitality for all persons needing services; and
  • Serve as facility liaison for all partners and assist in addressing any facility maintenance or repairs that may be needed.


Qualifications & Expectations


  • Bachelor's Degree in Social Work or a related field of study (Master’s Degree preferred) from a public or private college or university;
  • Minimum three years' related work experience;
  • Proven successful previous supervision experience is essential;
  • Advanced level of proficiency with Microsoft Office Professional 2013 or later version is required and preferably in databases applications; and
  • Must be a person who is flexible, passionate about this work, open to new ideas, totally dedicated to service to clients, is a leader, and strives to “think outside of the box” for solutions.



A successful individual in this role will have:

  • Intermediate to Advanced Level of proficiency in conversational Spanish Language;
  • Demonstrated experience in performing analysis of data and in the preparation of reports describing the results of the data analysis;
  • Demonstrated advanced level of knowledge into the availability of local community resources;
  • Proven organizational skills and a keenly developed attention to detail;
  • Strong verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to work in a team environment;
  • Able to engage in public speaking;
  • Experience with homelessness and/or affordable housing issues;
  • Exceptional customer service skills;
  • Experience in performing data entry in a networked environment;
  • Conflict resolution skills;
  • Ability to work comfortably with diverse populations, specifically with persons experiencing homelessness;
  • Self-motivated and capable of accomplishing tasks and projects with minimal oversight; and capable of accomplishing tasks and projects with minimal oversight
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task, successfully implement time management skills, and delegate assignments and projects to staff for completion.


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