PACT - Mental Health Therapist
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Full Time
Master's Degree

The Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) strives to provide customized, person-centered care for individuals at any stage of the rehabilitation process. The program is structured to make sure people receive the help they need, when they need it, and for as long as they need it.

  • PACT’s community-based team offers services to help patients transition between levels of care or to avoid the need for hospitalization. Our clinicians address symptoms and assist with therapy and medication management.
  • We place equal emphasis on building and growing aspects of an individual’s life that are important to recovery. This can include community integration and independent living skills.
  • Programs like PACT bridge gaps in care. They have been successful at reducing the number, frequency, and length of hospital admissions. Studies show that people who have used similar programs spend less time out of work, earn more money, and have more fulfilling social lives. Services like PACT can also reduce caregiver burnout by adding resources to patients’ support systems.
  • PACT patients get support where it’s needed most. This most often means meetings with the PACT team are in the home or community setting.
  • PACT services emphasize a flexible, person-centered approach. We focus on shared decision-making and peer support.
  • We work with individuals to learn skills, such as how to manage money, use public transportation, shop for groceries, or coordinate medical appointments. PACT helps with obtaining support services and benefits, such as financial and educational services and legal aid.
  • PACT also provides services such as social skills coaching, symptom education, family support and education, ADL coaching, coping skills development and community integration assistance.

Master's Degree in a Behavioral Social Science field with professional licensure as Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor w/ Mental Health Credential, or dual licensed Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist or Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor. Valid driver's license required.

  • Generous Benefit Package
  • Motor Vehicle Record & Criminal Background performed
  • Employment contingent upon pre-employment screening results
  • Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free Workplace
  • Equal Opportunity Employer