Material Handler - 442 - Charlotte, NC - FT
Job Details
442-Charlotte (NC) - Charlotte, NC
Full Time
High School Diploma/ GED
$14.00 Hourly
Enterprise area and occasional overnight
Distribution - Shipping

General Description (major areas of responsibility of this position):

A person in this position is responsible to safely recover used batteries, perform customer installations, and perform warehouse tasks associated with shipping, receiving, loading, inventory control, and battery maintenance, and records the successful processes and procedures required to carry out all functions. May perform occasional deliveries to support the customer relationship. Experience with safe forklift driving practices and material handling equipment and processes is significant. Excellence is demonstrated consistently and process improvements are contributed.

Job Responsibilities:

• Maintains an image in support of Company values on the job, as well as off the job when team member can be easily identified as an employee/representative of the Company
• Demonstrates good judgment in supporting Company values when non-standard situation arises.
• Adds a valuable, helpful, and positive influence to the customer experience and the work environment: Generates Fans
• Supports professional, neat, organized, clean, and safe work area. Facilities, vehicles, tools, associated/assigned PPE, and uniforms are kept clean and in good condition.
• Maintains established WHS rules and practices; immediately reports any incidents to supervisor.
• Actively participates in assigned learning opportunities and in sharing job knowledge for team advancement.
• Maintains exemplary time-keeping, makes effective use of work time, performs required duties in a timely manner, and demonstrates reliability in completing assignments. Pre-plans time off with supervisor and collaborates to coordinate coverage of duties.
• Makes sure the proper materials are on hand, and that tools, and equipment are in good working order; reports non-working tools and equipment to supervisor.
• Plans ahead and prioritizes work assignments with supervisor to meet due dates.
• Maintains a high-energy but safe and thoughtful pace. Exceeds minimum standards of production.
• Supports the development and maintenance of well-documented departmental performance standards, policies, and procedures.
• Participates in department meetings and collaborates with supervisor to continually improve safety, efficiency, profitability, the customer experience, and to develop and achieve realistic goals and effective strategies to meet Company objectives.
• Supports a climate for collaborative, job-related open communication among people and between departments.
• Performs other responsibilities as required.

• Key to this job is to safely deliver a high-quality customer experience (internal and external) while increasing the profitable sales of Company products and services. Creates and maintains promoters (raving fans) of clients interfaced with
• Generate leads
• Knowledgeable in products carried
• Assist retail customers and perform battery installations.
• Loads and offloads vehicles, prepares shipments, ensures warehouse is orderly, safe, and clean
• Labels products
• Performs battery charging and reconditioning
• Performs inventory cycle counts and complete counts
• Maintains accurate documentation of all inventory transactions.
• Performs “hot-shot” deliveries from time to time to maintain relationship: deliver product and pick up used batteries, as well as maintain and replenishes consignment products for customers.
• Coordinates regularly with supervisor to achieve targeted objectives.
• Trains personnel on mastered job processes, techniques, and procedures
• Performs facility and equipment maintenance tasks as assigned.

• Clean Company uniform is the required attire
• Shoes must have non-slip soles, safety toe protection; no open shoes; no high heels.
• Neat, clean, tasteful, well-groomed appearance required.
• Hair, fingernails, and facial hair are to be kept neat and clean and must in no way interfere with the safety, technical, or professional requirements of the position or work assignment.
• No ripped, torn, soiled, holey, or ill-fitting clothing.
• Good hygiene
• Heavily-scented colognes, perfumes, and deodorants are to be avoided.
• Jewelry is to be moderate and not present a safety hazard (zero conductive material to be worn when working with batteries).
• Visible tattoos are to be covered with clothing where applicable (i.e. long sleeves). Tattoos not able to be covered must be of a minimal nature and not be provocative, offensive, gang-related, or threatening.

All branch and distribution center personnel (managerial or otherwise) are required to wear uniforms provided by the Company and must take care of their uniforms and report any wear or damage to their supervisor. The entire uniform must be worn (both shirt and pants without exception) while on duty and shirts must be tucked in. Instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance of uniforms will be provided by your supervisor. Soiled uniforms are not to go home or be washed at home. Shoes must have non-slip soles and toe protection. Certain branch personnel may be required to wear job specific safety equipment or clothing. Supervisors will inform you of any additional requirements regarding your attire specific to your region, branch, or duties. If authorized by the manager, branch personnel are allowed to wear Company or supplier headgear (i.e.: Company name, Centennial, US Battery, Optima, etc.); however it must be worn with the front facing forward.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Values (KSAV) (type and level of job/team-related attributes required to accomplish expected results):

  • Knowledge:
    • Advanced knowledge of courteous and safe forklift driving procedures, methods, and techniques
    • General knowledge of HAZCOM safety procedures, methods, and techniques
    • General knowledge of inventory tracking, safe material handling and transport procedures
    • General knowledge of battery industry and automotive field concepts, practices, and procedures (language, technology, maintenance, etc.)
    • General knowledge of all WHS procedures, methods, and techniques associated with the job
    • General knowledge of material movement tracking software (domestic shipping methods, shipping and receiving procedures)
    • Basic knowledge of sales and customer service procedures, methods, and techniques
    • Basic knowledge of marketing procedures, methods, and techniques (advertising, market research, etc.)
    • Basic knowledge of business policies and practices, document flows, general office procedures, rules, methods, and techniques
    • Basic knowledge of ERP (Enterprise resource planning) Applications (Prophet 21 preferred) associated with the job

    • Advanced skill in practicing safe work habits
    • Advanced skill in operating manual pallet jack, ladders, dolly, and other material handling tools
    • Advanced skill in operating light industrial trucks: forklifts/powered pallet jacks; maintains excellent driving record
    • General skill in providing regular team member recognition
    • General skill in communicating and building positive rapport with customers through delivering quality customer service (producing satisfaction; delivering happiness)
    • General skill level in English composition and conversation (read, write, and speak English with good pronunciation, proper word use, structure, and grammar); Additional language preferred
    • General skill level in math (basic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percent, and fractions), mathematical reasoning, number sense, reading charts and graphs)
    • General skill level in organization/orderliness and establishing priorities
    • General skill in defusing an agitated or confrontational person; handle grievances with professional etiquette
    • Basic skill in computer, tablet, and smart-phone use and related common applications, and internet research means
    • Basic skill in employing persuasion techniques (gaining new referrals; generating new leads and sales)
    • Basic skill level in use of business machines (phone, pc, copy, fax, and scanner)
    • Basic skill level in typing (accurate at 30 wpm)

    • Advanced ability to follow defined process steps with high repeatability
    • General ability to effectively train new hires on mastered job processes, techniques, and procedures
    • General ability to interface with flexibility/adaptability to work effectively with a wide variety of people (identify and match approach to customer preference/personality type)
    • General ability to analyze situations, strategize actions, and solve problems quickly and effectively
    • General ability to identify, support, develop, and execute appropriate intermediate and long range improvement goals that support department and company objectives
    • General ability to work in a group/team or independently, when needed
    • Basic ability to maintain confidentiality

    • Advanced value for integrity
    • Advanced value for expression of a customer-centric (others-centric) attitude
    • Advanced value for courtesy
    • Advanced value for promptness
    • Advanced value for attentiveness
    • Advanced value for expression of a positive attitude
    • Advanced value for continuous improvement
    • Advanced value for team advancement
    • Advanced value for wellness, health and safety (of self and others)
    • Advanced value for highly accurate, consistently on-time work

Working Relationships (persons whom those in this position regularly interact with in order to accomplish major areas of responsibility):
• Branch Manager and Staff
• Vendors
• Customers
• Prospects

Extent of Supervision (level of direction provided and limits in acting independently):
A person in this position operates under immediate to limited supervision, receives general instruction, follows routine procedures independently, and is responsible for managing and carrying out areas of responsibility within the scope of established goals and objectives. Specific directives may be provided for execution. Variations from procedure or problems are reported to the immediate supervisor without delay.

Physical Requirements / Working Conditions:
The physical demands described herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions (team members are required to contact the designated Human Resources in such cases to document the accommodation).

Significant physical strength, physical resilience, and mental alertness is imperative within this job. This is primarily a non-stationary position working in a non-temperature-controlled environment with extended periods of time spent in diverse positions due to diverse nature of customer facilities. Extended periods of sitting to operate forklift may occur. Significant mental alertness and quick reflexes are required in order to safely drive. Standing and walking is required to deliver communications or product requiring the ability to, lift, carry, climb, reach, stoop, kneel, crouch, and continuous mental and visual attention with eyesight correctable to 20/20 and specific vision requirements of close vision and the ability to adjust focus. Peripheral vision and depth perception are also required for driving safety. The employee operates a keyboard/mouse, answers telephone calls and occasionally bends, reaches, and pushes and pulls file drawers to file documents requiring finger and hand dexterity, reaching, lifting, and twisting. While the use of tools is encouraged, employees in this job occasionally carry product weighing up to 125 lbs. across diverse customer conditions that may not allow for material handling equipment. Participation in group lifts for heavier weight is required. Employee may push pallets (using a pallet jack) or push wheeled carts with product weighing over 3,000 lbs. Stacking of batteries occurs with all branch personnel from time to time, requiring physical endurance to move individual units in quantities exceeding 3 tons in a day. The common lifting-related motions are as follows:
• Squat, gain load, stand with load held in lift zone (just above belt-height), slight reach, unload to flat plane, push load (sliding load corner to corner pivot) across flat plane and the reverse
• Same as above, adding up to 25 yards of walking with load carried in one hand, by product handle, on the side of the body, with arm hanging straight down at the shoulder
• Reach full arm-length (both arms), pull load (sliding load corner to corner pivot alternating arms pulling; both arms used simultaneously for more significant weight) across flat plane to lift zone, lift load, move feet to turn body, place load on flat plane at a similar or improved height (differential made up with squat or squat extension to standing), push load (sliding load corner to corner pivot) across flat plane
• Reach full arm-length (both arms), pull load (sliding load corner to corner pivot) across flat plane to lift zone, lift load, move feet to turn body, squat to place load on lower plane
• Same as above, adding up to 25 yards of walking with load carried in one hand, by product handle, on the side of the body, with arm hanging straight down at the shoulder, having been lowered there from chest height by arm strength, or raising there by a squat thrust.
Team members are required to notify their manager if they believe that they are not able to safely continue to lift and require a temporary recovery period of lighter duties. Personal protective equipment consists of uniform, safety glasses, gloves, and safety-toe shoes (may include ice cleats), and may additionally require apron, face shield, safety goggles, ear protection