Write for Rights Assistant
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Washington DC Office - Washington, DC
$49,655.00 - $49,788.00

The Write for Rights Assistant will play a critical role in AIUSA’s grassroots activism to free prisoners of conscience and support human rights defenders around the world by helping ensure the success of Amnesty USA’s largest annual letter-writing campaign: Write for Rights.

The position’s primary goal is to support the Write for Rights Project Manager in implementing the Write for Rights strategy. What is Write for Rights? Every year from November to December—and marking Human Rights Day on December 10—hundreds of thousands of people around the world send a letter and sign an online petition on behalf of someone they’ve never met. This activism helps free people unjustly imprisoned, ensure justice for people who were killed, and stop abuses against human rights activists.

The responsibilities of the Write for Rights Assistant position include learning about the cases in order to be able to answer questions about the cases raised by Amnesty members and the general public, coordinating the production of printed and online materials; engaging activists at Amnesty USA’s Conferences; outreach to new and current supporters; providing excellent customer service; data tabulation and reporting; letter counting and sorting; and other administrative tasks as assigned.

This position will mostly be remote but candidate will be expected to go into the DC office once every 2 weeks starting October 2022.

The position is temporary and will end February 28, 2023.



  • Serves as the coordinator for Amnesty USA’s Write for Rights campaign, including producing materials, online and off; engaging new and existing supporters to join Write for Rights, including educators; and also support Amnesty USA’s Regional Conference work around Write for Rights.
  • Ensures that AIUSA has effective and efficient processes for collecting and reporting data on the number of letters and other actions taken during Write for Rights.
  • Provides excellent customer service support to Write for Rights participants, including activists, educators, Amnesty groups and other staff, by answering questions, providing information and resolving problems.
  • Help chair the bi-weekly Write for Rights conference calls.
  • Help getting Write for Rights materials to those who need them.
  • Assists with other administrative tasks as assigned.


Education and Experience:

  • AA or equivalent experience required
  • At least 1 year of experience with detailed administrative work, including writing, editing, producing printed materials, using databases and data analytics.
  • Adobe InDesign experience required.


  • Very strong attention to detail
  • Excellent written communication skills, including copy editing
  • Strong project management skills, especially related to producing printed and online materials
  • Demonstrated ability and interest in using databases, email clients and data analytics
  • Marketing skills to engage target audiences
  • Strategic thinking to plan how to increase public participation in Write for Rights
  • Proactivity and creativity in identifying cost-effective solutions to problems
  • Experience providing excellent customer service
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