Assistant Buyer
Job Details
Stone House - Houston, TX
Full Time

Thompson + Hanson is home to designers and architects, curators and gardeners–creatives at heart grateful for the privilege of shaping and inspiring beautiful spaces across Houston and Austin for the last 40 years. We delight in the work that we do, and we attribute our continued growth to the vibrant, motivated and caring individuals that make up our Thompson + Hanson family.

A quiet sophistication permeates every Thompson + Hanson environment. You’ll find that within the walls of our shops, on the pages of our online shop, and the meandering paths of our nurseries, we are creatives at heart who enjoy the opportunity to bring something fresh to the table, always with an eye to shaping tranquil spaces that people love to inhabit. Whether wandering through rows of flowers and fragrance, browsing carefully curated pieces in the shops or online, or simply savoring the view in the shade of an oak tree, our hope is to provide an experience that puts you at ease, surrounds you with beauty, and leaves you inspired. 

Being a part of the Thompson + Hanson team means more than just having a job. We believe in nurturing employees, providing room to grow, and offering opportunities for leadership. 

Benefits to Joining the Thompson + Hanson Family:

  • Bonuses
  • Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance
  • 401(k) with Company Matching
  • Paid Time Off
  • Opportunities for Career Growth


Essential Tasks or Responsibilities of the Job


  • Review Orders and Prepare Price Reviews (this fluctuates throughout the year)
    • Calculate estimates for new items.
    • Review existing/new costs for re-order items
  • Purchase Order
    • Assign numbers to orders and update NetSuite with relevant information.
  • Item Review
    • Determine need for new codes (ecommerce, new NetSuite structure, etc.)


  • Monitor inventory of select product lines.
    • Prepare orders for buyer review.
  • Credit Card Reconciliation (primarily AMEX)
  • Prepare/communicate ETA calendar of inbound shipments


  • Provide updates to special orders (notes in Lightspeed)

Twice Annually:

  • Participate in Physical Inventory Process


Special Skills Needed/ Qualifications:

  • Intermediate Excel knowledge
    • Formulas
    • Vlookup
  • Organization/Follow Up
  • Willingness to move between locations to complete tasks.
  • Basic math skills.
  • Confident and outgoing personality. 
  • Knowledge of Thompson + Hanson brand and general understanding of other divisions.
  • Team player. 
  • Active listening.
  • Communication skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.