Alloy Design Engineer 05192021
Job Details
World Headquarters - Aiken, SC
Full Time
Graduate Degree
Company Description

AGY is a world leader in high performance materials used in a range of markets including Electronics, Thermoplastics, Industrial, Aerospace, Recreation / Consumer and Defense with a focus on making our customers’ products lighter, faster and stronger.

High performance materials in the form of glass fiber yarns and reinforcements provide our customers with six vital enhanced properties:  strength, impact resistance, stiffness, temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and electromagnetic transparency.

With a product portfolio developed for extreme performance utilizing a set of unique manufacturing platforms AGY provides tailored materials solutions to end-use customers for the most demanding applications worldwide.


Job Description

AGY’s Research and Development Team is in need of an engineer interested in designing precious metal (Platinum & Rhodium alloys) parts and the supporting equipment used for melting and fiberizing glass.


  • Mechanical Engineer (prefer  M.S.) with advanced courses or specializing in Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics
  • Design precious metal glass melting, containing, conditioning, and fiber forming parts via design tools
  • Design supporting hardware and equipment for the glass melting/fiberizing parts
  • Optimize parts for various glass chemistries, glass properties and forming properties
  • Design parts to maximize productivity, minimize alloy intensity and metal operating loss
  • Evaluate and enhance designs using FEA software (Comsol)
  • Evaluate (hands-on) your new designs in production environment via designed experiments
  • Analyze and document production data comparing your new design to current designs
  • Work with other engineers on glass yarn quality issues
  • Understand (and adjust to optimize) the related processes that impact Productivity (e.g. glass properties, batch delivery, glass quality, HVAC, fiber quenching, size application, contact points, winding)