Job Details
CERAland Park - Columbus, IN
Part Time


• Responsible for the renting of paddleboats, row boats and canoes

• Must be able to make change and operate cash register.

• Maintain accurate cash accountability, daily receipts and revenues on a daily


• Maintain accurate participation numbers at the Boat Dock.

• Maintain a professional and mature attitude with regard to patrons, co-workers

and supervisors.

• Responsible for checking out Park recreational equipment, such as volleyballs,

softballs, basketballs, and horseshoes and other equipment to Park patrons.

• Responsible for the general upkeep of the boat dock building, boat dock and

surrounding area. This includes keeping all equipment arranged in a neat and

organized manner, sweeping building and dock area, washing windows, picking

up litter.

• Maintain cleanliness of boats for patron use including, but not limited to pumping

out water in each boat and drying them off or wiping them down when needed.

• Maintain facility and equipment cleanliness and maintenance; reporting all broken

or malfunctioning equipment via a work order to CERA Management.

• May be required to perform other Park duties as designated by CERA




• Must be available to work evenings and weekends as required.

• May be required to work holidays, long hours during peak periods


• Must be 16 years of age.

• Must have good working relationship with full and part-time employees.

• Must possess a neat and professional appearance.

• Good organizational, written and verbal communication skills.

• Must maintain proper CERA dress code.