Senior Director of Digital Content
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$99,186.00 - $128,814.00
Job Summary
Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) is the global organization’s presence in the United States. We engage people in the U.S. to fight injustice all around the world, while we also work to protect people’s human rights here in the U.S. AIUSA has more than a million members and activists in all 50 states and the District of Colombia, who are part of a larger global movement of 10 million people in 150 countries. We are a non-partisan, democratically governed, grassroots membership organization, which means that our members vote on key governance and deep policy issues and elect our Board of Directors. Some of our members are experts on specific human rights issues, parts of the world, or advocacy areas, and they serve as volunteer leaders. Others are volunteer leaders of local or student groups in towns, universities, states, or regions of the country. Members work together with a talented staff, deployed across six departments to deliver on our mission. 
Job Summary
The Senior Director of Digital Content is a content strategist responsible for the long-term planning, development, and implementation of Amnesty International USA's online content strategy across all digital properties. They lead the development effort that address all marketing-related strategies such as messaging, operations, analytic tasks and initiatives, in support of advertising, digital audience development, and revenue generation. 
The Senior Director oversees and ensures the health of the AIUSAs digital ecosystem and in collaboration with the Marketing and Communications (Marcomms) unit the Senior Director will manage a team of social media, design, branding, and content experts to develop new content for digital channels and provide oversight to ensure external facing communications are aligned across different marketing channels. The director collaborates closely with AIUSAs Development Department, including its digital team fundraising and advocacy team, supporting them with content development. 
The Director also collaborates closely with issue experts, campaigners, organizers, members, and leaders across Amnesty International USA and Amnesty's international movement. The director grows and leads a brand development effort that addresses all marketing-related strategy, messaging, creative, operations, and analytic tasks and initiatives in support of advertising, digital audience development, and revenue generation. The director also leads AIUSAs digital storytelling efforts. This is a leadership position on the AIUSAs Public Affairs team and reports to the National Director of Public Affairs. 
Essential Responsibilities
  • Ensure all AIUSA digital content efforts uplift and center AIUSAs Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) principles. 
  • Led AIUSAs digital content strategy & storytelling efforts, including the development of new content for digital channels in support of brand and marketing efforts. 
  • Thought leader who wakes up every day thinking about the latest digital marketing/branding trends and innovations, envisioning how these can be effectively leveraged for AIUSA and how they can inspire the organization to innovate, think and operate strategically. 
  • Engage with staff, members, and activists to develop, test, and launch new content products such as e-newsletters, special sections, and events that will increase engagement and build and diversify AIUSA’s base of support. 
  • Develop and execute a cross-platform content strategy that describes and prioritizes marketing, public/media relations and operational initiatives to optimize actions, engagement and support. 
  • Create and publish digital content for Amnesty’s various online properties. 
  • Develop and leverage a deep understanding of AIUSAs audience demographics, psychographics and behavior patterns to test and innovate content types and engagement strategies. 
  • Stay abreast of industry best practices to inform and lead senior management consideration of resourcing needs. 
  • Integrate all digital work on the PA team to ensure the highest ROI for org-wide efforts; manage social media, content development, and design staff on the PA team to this end. 
  • Use expertise in SEO and content strategy to maximize communications and marketing impact. 
  • Collaborate closely with issue experts, campaigners, organizers, members, and leaders across Amnesty International USA and Amnesty's international movement. 
  • Collaborates closely with the Development Department, including its digital team, fundraising, and advocacy team, supporting them with content development.  
  • Collaborate closely with the Senior Director of Digital Advocacy and AIUSA Development Department on joint efforts to build and diversify AIUSAs base of support and ensure successful advocacy of AIUSAs priority issues. 
Qualifications and Experience
BA/BS required and at least 10 years relevant experience, or MA/MS and 8 years relevant experience working cross-functionally, with creative, marketing, and communications teams preferred.  
Skills and Experience 
  • Creative and driven.  
  • Thought leader who wakes up every day thinking about the latest digital marketing/branding trends and innovations, envisioning how these can be effectively leveraged to inspire an organization to innovate, think and operate strategically. 
  • Experience developing content strategies for large, international organizations. 
  • A proven track record of building an audience and driving online engagement. 
  • Experience with digital advertising and audience development methods (e.g., social media, SEO, driving engagement) and strong experience with best practices. 
  • Outstanding project management and analytical skills, including the use of metrics to guide projects and decisions. Effective at operating as creative oversight or creative lead and delivering clear and constructive feedback to team members. 
  • Financial management skills, including budgeting and forecasting. 
  • The ability to write effective marketing copy for online and offline environments. 
  • The proven ability to hire and manage a successful marketing team. 
  • Proficiency in Microsoft, Adobe, and analytics software. 
  • Proven work experience utilizing Google Analytics. 
  • Ability to collect and analyze information to problem solve and make marketing decisions.  
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Diplomatic, innovative, and creative when resolving non-routine matters that impact the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. 
  • Strong emotional intelligence skills with the ability to resolve problems, manage projects, and implement appropriate solutions.   
Dismantling white supremacy is central to the fight for human rights in the United States and around the world. As we mobilize staff and activists and work with partners to help transform the multiple systems where oppression operates in the world around us as part of our human rights mandate, anti-racism must be integral to our work. What does that mean for Amnesty International in the United States? It means using our people power to fight injustice and centering the voices and experiences of those most impacted by racist structures, beliefs, and laws. Fundamentally, it means doing our human rights work differently than it has been done before because we know that who we work with, how we work, the work we do, and ultimately who we are, are all interconnected. As an international, intercultural, intergenerational and intersectional movement of activists committed to protecting and advancing human rights for all, Amnesty is deeply committed to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA). To learn more about how we integrate these concepts into our work and workplace, visit:
COVID-19 Consideration
Because the health and safety of our employees and candidates are a top priority, we are currently conducting our hiring process virtually. We are currently starting our positions as fully remote but will transition to a hybrid work environment when our offices re-open, expected to be in Winter 2023.
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