Job Details

The tracks department at Fun Spot America Orlando consists of four unique, exciting and innovative tracks for use by our guests. Each track ride lasts approximately 4 minutes.

The Commander, Conquest, and Quad Helix tracks are elevated, multi-level tracks that accommodate both single and double passenger karts. The Thrasher track is a single level “slick” track that accommodates single rider karts.

The job activities and responsibilities of a track attendant are divided into five basic categories:

Guest Relations - The track attendant is responsible for greeting the guests as he/she approaches or enters the queue area. All questions as to the operation, rules & regulations of the track are answered at this time.

Loading & Unloading - The track attendant is responsible for the proper scanning of tickets & armbands before allowing admission to the ride. After all tickets & armbands have been scanned, the attendant will direct each guest to the proper kart and assist with the seating, adjustment of seatbelts, and re-instruction of the track operation. At the completion of the ride cycle, the track attendant is responsible for the exiting of all guest from the track in a safe and organized manner. The attendant must hold the gate open and thank each guest for riding.

Ride Operations - After all guests have been admitted to the ride and are safely seated the attendant is ready to begin the ride cycle. The attendant is responsible to ensure a safe and fun ride. 

Misc. Support Operations - From time to time attendant's job duties will include activities outside of the normal operations of rides & guest service. During these times, an attendant may be assigned special projects, including but not limited to sweeping around the park, cleaning, and light maintenance of karts & park trash.

Repair & Maintenance - Throughout the daily shift, it is possible for equipment to malfunction or fall under need of repair. All attendants should be aware of their surroundings at all times and be alert for any sounds, vibrations, or sights that are out of the ordinary.


The Track Attendant is a representative of Fun Spot America and must maintain a high standard of safety, guest service and cleanliness. Candidates should have good communication skills and enjoy working outdoors and alongside others. Track attendants may be required to assist people on and off rides. Therefore, they should have a friendly, helpful and polite manner. The job typically requires a combination of walking, running, and standing for extended periods of time. Much of the work is carried out outdoors and can be noisy, crowded and hot. Typical duties involve ensuring guests abide by height restrictions and ensuring seat belts are correctly positioned. Fun Spot America is typically open 10am – midnight, Monday – Sunday and your schedule will vary. Hours vary throughout the year, adjusting to the on & off seasons.