Registered Dental Hygienist
Job Details

Complete Mobile Dentistry and Complete Dental Staffing offer two unique opportunities for work in the dental field.

  • At Complete Mobile Dentistry we specialize in providing staff to perform dental work on our service men and women, at Military events across the United States. These events can be held indoors at military bases, or on mobile vans and provide a great way to give back and earn extra income. Most events are held on weekends with the occasional weekday event.


  • At Complete Dental Staffing we specialize in providing ideal placements for Hygienist by considering experience, compensation and the needs of our staff with the needs of our clients. We offer temporary placements ranging from last-minute illnesses, family emergencies, vacation time or medical leaves to full time permanent placement positions at Dental Offices throughout the United States.

Please note that if you are interested in working with Complete Mobile Dentistry you will be not be working as a true RDH. All positions on military events are assistant level jobs only.