Organ Donation Coordinator Central MT
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Central Montana - ,
2 Year Degree
Health Care

The Organ Donation Coordinator (ODC) supports the mission, goals, and strategic plan of LifeCenter Northwest by evaluating organ donor referrals, conducting medical evaluation on potential organ donors, and developing a plan with the healthcare team to maintain the option of donation. The ODC supports the Organ Recovery Coordinators with organ donor cases, with oversight facilitates donation after circulatory arrest donation (DCD) process, communicates and documents Medical Examiner or Coroner conversations and release for donation. The ODC works closely with the Donation and Family Advocates (DFA) and ORC with compassionate family conversations and conducts Uniform Donor Risk Assessment Interview (UDRAI) with potential donor families. The ODC also supports in the operating room by performing organ perfusion and packaging and labeling of recovered organs.  All these above actions are done pursuant to LifeCenter Northwest standard operating procedures (SOPs), CMS regulations, UNOS policy, and AOPO standards.




  1. Response to ventilated referrals
    1. Outcome: All ventilated referral calls will receive a timely and appropriate response.
    2. Assessment: The ODC uses training, experience, and knowledge to evaluate suitability for organ donation, as well as communicating with partnering agencies to determine tissue and eye donation for all ventilated referrals. The ODC responds onsite to hospitals in a timely manner when deployed and collaborates with appropriate healthcare team members.
    3. Intervention: The ODC successfully completes all components in response to ventilated referrals as outlined in the SOPs and Work Instructions.


  1. Organ donor suitability
    1. Outcome: The ODC independently completes a thorough chart review and onsite evaluation and communicates with the Administrator on Call (AOC) to evaluate donor suitability.
    2. Assessment: The ODC uses training, experience, decision trees and knowledge in the identification of suitable organ donors with the guidance of the AOC.
    3. Intervention: The ODC successfully completes all components to identify organ donor suitability and documents the plan made with AOC.


  1. Family Interactions and authorization/disclosure
    1. Outcome: The ODC ensures that the utmost care and support is being given to potential donor families and that the legal decision-maker is communicated within an optimal manner to make the donation decision based on complete information provided.
    2. Assessment: The ODC works in conjunction with the DFA and hospital staff to evaluate family dynamics. The ODC identifies the legal decision maker and assesses their understanding of the potential donor’s medical status, terminal condition, and impending neurological or circulatory death. The authorization/disclosure documents are completed in congruence with LCNW policy.
    3. Intervention: The ODC successfully completes all components to family interactions and the authorization/disclosure independently and utilizes resources appropriately.
  1. Family Interactions and authorization/disclosure
  2. Uniform Donor Risk Assessment Interview 
  3. Clinical and regulatory requirements and documentation
  4. ME/Coroner Contact
  5. Blood and Ancillary Test Collection
  6. Organ Preservation and Packaging
  7. Donation After Circulatory Death (DCD) Case Support
  8. Interdepartmental Collaboration


  • This position has no formal supervisory responsibilities.  




The employee in this position must uphold the core values of LifeCenter; these include:

  • Integrity: We are trustworthy, reliable, respectful, and accountable.
  • Collaboration: We work in partnership with others, seeking to understand and be understood, and finding common ground and shared goals to build upon together.
  • Courage: We take personal responsibility and face challenges head-on.
  • Service: Through professionalism and dedication, we honor our commitment to serve others and our obligation to be good stewards of the gift of life.


Physical Activities/Requirements

  • This position requires on-call responsibilities, must be able to work up to seven consecutive days on-call.
  • This position is required to follow hospital immunization, health screening, and background check requirements. Immunizations and tests will be provided by LifeCenter Northwest as required.
  • The employee is required to lift up to 50 pounds with or without assistance.



This position requires on-call availability, evening, weekend work, and may have to work extended shifts in a medical setting. Some duties are required to be completed during off call time.



  • Advance EMT, Paramedic, Certified/Registered Respiratory Therapy with BLS and ACLS certifications, or similar background/certifications and/or OPO experience. 
  • Requires a valid driver’s license and access to an insured automobile or the ability to arrive and depart from work- and work-related functions at expected times.

LifeCenter Northwest is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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