Elementary School Physical Education and Wellness Teacher (Grades K-5)
Job Details
New Roads School - Santa Monica, CA

In an authentically diverse community reflective of Los Angeles, New Roads prepares young people for life by developing in them a personal dedication to learning, a respect for independent thinking, an expanding curiosity about the world and its people, and a commitment to the common good.


The Physical Education program provides an all-inclusive curriculum based on the development of lifelong wellness skills that enhance student’s movement and offers active experiences that can make positive contributions to cognitive and affective aspects of our student’s development.


Reporting to the Elementary School Director, the Elementary School Physical Education and Wellness Teacher oversees daily Wellness and Physical Education responsibilities at the Elementary School, grades K-5.  Working closely with the Elementary School Director and Athletic Director, the Elementary School Physical Education and Wellness teacher ensures alignment with the physical education and wellness initiatives of the school. 



  • Developing a Physical Education and Wellness curriculum for the Elementary School, K-5th Grades

  • Establishing daily lesson plans specific to each grade level, K-5th Grades

  • Develop motor skills and physical and mental development

  • Teach developmentally appropriate classes in a safe and nurturing environment

  • Consistently work to update curriculum with best practices

  • Implement instructional methods of the P.E. curriculum

  • Ability to establish positive learning expectation standards for all students

  • Assess student progress and maintain current and accurate records of students' achievements

  • Serve as the primary Elementary School  information resource to address any questions that arise regarding Physical Education and Wellness initiatives

  • Create and maintain an enthusiastic, positive environment by engaging all students in learning overall health and well-being habits of the mind and body; skills in physical fitness, health education, rhythms, dance, team sports, movement, yoga and other areas of physical activity

  • Model and teach knowledge and skills in physical fitness, health education, responsive and collaborative conflict resolution

  • Provide individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each child while offering alternatives to accommodate different levels of fitness, interests and abilities

  • Implement up to date and innovative teaching strategies, models, and techniques 

  • Create formal and informal assessments for each student; communicate with supervisor and teacher teams to support the growth and well-being of students

  • Maintain inventory of equipment and teach student expectations pertaining to usage, organization and care of equipment

  • Participate in parent teacher conferences twice per year, as well as on campus events such as the Elementary School play date, Back To School Picnic, and various admissions and community events throughout the school year.

  • Supervise some recess and lunch duties throughout the week 

  • Initiate appropriate conferences or meetings when necessary with parents/guardians and administrators in accordance with school procedures

  • Participates in in-service meetings and professional staff meetings


  • Bachelor’s Degree with a Health and Wellness focus required
  • Previous physical education experience is required in elementary or middle school grades, independent school experience preferred

  • Student-centered

  • Highly collaborative

  • Three or more years of experience teaching physical education in the Elementary grades

  • Passion for social emotional learning and physical education 

  • Ability to effectively supervise both small and large groups of children 

  • May work in extra-curricular and after-school activities

Please submit online application, cover letter (including educational philosophy) and resume at: