Forming Process Operator (FPO) 08102021
Job Details
AGY Aiken, LLC - Aiken, SC
Full Time
High School
$21.87 - $22.51 Hourly
12 Hour
Company Description

AGY is a world leader in supplying high performance materials in the form of glass fiber yarns and reinforcements. Our glass fiber material is used in a broad range of markets, including Automotive, Construction, Defense, Electronics, Aerospace, Marine and Recreation. AGY has offices in Lyon, France and world headquarters is in Aiken, South Carolina.


  • Inspects, controls, adjusts, and performs minor maintenance on bushings.
  • Corrects defective equipment on malfunctioning bushings.
  • Performs quality and process inspections on products and equipment in assigned area.
  • Operates a bushing compliment to produce a continuous filament silver.
  • Performs as a team member and learns all team tasks.
  1. Operates, inspects, adjusts and performs minor maintenance on equipment on silver level, (including, but not limited to, bushings, binder systems, yardage, temperature, heat patterns, etc.).
  2. Inspects bushing operation and repots defective bushings. Cuts back bushings for replacement and bring bushings into production parameters.
  3. Takes appropriate action in the case of power failure or other emergency.
  4. Operates computer and utilizes various software programs to accomplish goals (including, but not limited to, bushing records, operation logs, process audits, yardage control, maintenance requests, MES, etc.).
  5. Change, adjust and clean bushing and bushing support equipment (including, but not limited to, fins, leads, flexs, buss bars, water lines, etc.).
  6. Change, adjust and clean Forming equipment (including, but not limited to, prepads, shoes, aprons, rolls, belts, etc.).
  7. Maintains communication of trouble areas with other shifts.
  8. Notifies appropriate personnel for corrective action of items not meeting quality specifications and/or for equipment failures.
  9. Assists personnel who perform bushing changes (including, but not limited to, spraying bushings with water, procuring tools, etc.)
  10. Repairs silver break occurrences to pull roll, pick floods, and plug tips.
  11. Controls binder application process to provide strand coverage (including, but not limited to, prepad and binder flow rate, binder temperature, pad pressure, binder return flow, spillage, etc.)
  12. Performs any process and equipment inspection/audit in assigned areas.
  13. Performs quality checks and takes corrective action (including, but not limited to, yardage x-bar, and CV, stand solids, speeds, flow rates, temperatures, visual quality, etc.).
  14. Inspects and determine disposition of hold material.
  15. Works as a team member and performs any team task as necessary and maintains competency on all tasks.
  16. Participates in the safety and good housekeeping programs as established within the plant.
  17. Performs other related duties consistent with the nature of the job as directed by Management).