Food Quality Specialist
Job Details
Headquarters - Holts Summit, MO

The Food Quality Specialist goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and ensure that all guests experience genuine customer service, great tasting food and leave with a smile.

Generally, the job duties consist of preparing, seasoning, and cooking food to BluTaco specifications. Food Quality Specialists may work with varying equipment including a re-thermalizer, tortilla/panini press and a hot/cold service kiosk as well as knives and other small wares. Additional job duties may include taking inventory, maintaining cooking logs and reports, and cleaning the work area. He or She is also responsible for executing all work tasks according to health, safety, and sanitation guidelines.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Job Expectations:

  • Maintain a working knowledge of the operation of all kitchen equipment
  • Prepare and cook all food product per BluTaco specifications, procedures and quality standards including strict observance of designated holding times.
  • Verify all necessary product and supplies are stocked and available. Put food order away accurately and in a timely manner. Rotate stock in cooler, freezer and dry storage area using the First In-First Out method while monitoring shelf life and freshness dates.
  • Fill customer orders using proper portion control and packaging.
  • Use sampling, upselling, and limited time offer promotions to increase sales volume of BluTaco product.
  • Monitor the product hold times are strictly observed and rotate product as necessary.
  • Maintain organization and cleanliness of the entire restaurant including the kitchen area, coolers and other food storage areas while following all of the sanitation and safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Check all equipment and immediately report malfunctions within the area to the manager in charge.
  • Operate a point of sale system.
  • Accomplish tasks in a timely, clean and orderly manner.


  • Able to read, write and speak in English
  • Able to perform basic math
  • Demonstrate trained food safety knowledge
  • Acquire Food Handlers Permit, if/as required by state of employment
  • Report to work timely for each scheduled shift

Physical Demands:

  • Lift/carry up to 5 pounds constantly, 25 pounds frequently and 50 pounds occasionally.
  • Continuously stand and/or walk on hard floors to prepare and cook food, get stock items, and transport items to/from the kitchen, stock room, food prep area and front lines for extended periods.
  • Frequently lift and stack 20 to 50 pounds of food and supply items from various heights from and onto shelving, in freezers, coolers, stockroom, etc. Occasionally carry individual stock items weighing up to 50 pounds from the stock rooms, coolers, freezers to other areas of the restaurant.
  • Occasionally lift and carry up to 50 pound trash bags out of trash cans and into a designated disposal area.
  • Frequently push or pull food service equipment, trash cans, brooms, mops, and mop buckets.
  • Occasionally to frequently climb a foot stool or ladder to reach items located on shelves, in coolers, freezers, stockrooms, etc.
  • Frequently stoop or squat to reach items on low shelves or on the floor.
  • Continuously reach overhead, forward, and underneath shelving, counters, tables, refrigeration units, racks, drink dispensers and food service equipment.
  • Continuously use fingers to bilaterally prepare food, unload boxes, etc.
  • Continuously communicate with and listen to customers, management and other team members to ensure optimal performance.
  • Continuously see to be aware of surroundings and item locations, and to perform job duties.

Job Success Factors

Customer Service

  • Create customer loyalty by delivering outstanding customer service, executing sales promotions, ensuring quality foods products are available to sell and maintaining a properly-trained staff

Honesty & Integrity

  • Maintain professional and ethical behaviors at all times
  • Create accurate records including Waste Logs
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding private employee matters


  • Express genuine care for the team, the customers and the business

Maintain High Standards

  • Always perform tasks to the highest standards

Positive attitude

  • Take pride in executing job tasks and maintaining a clean, organized work area


  • Maintain open communication with all co-workers
  • Support team members and cooperates in providing excellent guest service


  • Listen openly to performance feedback and incorporates suggestions into work processes and attitude


  • Arrive punctual and ready to begin work assignments
  • Deliver quality work product using resources and time allocated