Cryo Manager
Job Details
SSD - Sunnyside, WA

Job Title: Cryo Manager                                               

Department: Cryo

Classification:  Exempt/Salary                                                   

Reports to: VP, Operations SS                    


Job Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Industrial Technology, or similar field. Three years of experience above qualification (A) and demonstrated leadership skills can substitute for degree.

  2. 3-5 years’ experience in manufacturing environment with managerial experience

  3. Should possess a strong work ethic to positively contribute to the company’s mission and vision, and environmental and quality policy.

  4. Should have a positive attitude, support co-workers to obtain the above objectives, and assist others in their contributions.

  5. Possesses strong technical aptitude and demonstrate time management and priority setting

  6. Lean Manufacturing Training preferred.

  7. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (in needed areas) for extended periods of time.

  8. Ability to sit/stand/walk for extended periods of time and access stairs and ladders.

  9. Ability to bend, stoop, squat occasionally to frequently.

  10. Be able to lift (up to 50 lbs), carry (up to 44 lbs) occasionally to frequently within normal limits.

  11. Handle hazardous chemicals safely according to their MSDS’s and SOP’s

Job Summary:

Accountable for managing Plant Production activities to produce products that meet established quality, customer service, safety, innovation, and cost metrics consistent with schedules and policies. Implements standard work and maintains improvement through sustaining behaviors, operating with discipline and rigor, implementing autonomous maintenance. Oversees the production of quality products to fulfill customer requirements. Controls and effectively utilizes the production capacity, manpower and equipment and outside resources through planning, organizing, and scheduling to minimize losses; works within the framework of the budget to optimize company profitability.

          Job Duties:

  1. Manage the Cryo production operations to optimize output levels, minimize operating costs and maximize profitability and quality.
  2. Manages production regarding dates, schedules, and special requirements in cooperation with supervisor.
  3. Produce Work Orders as contracted on Sold Position List or as generated within the unit to supply stock inventory requirements.
  4. Files daily Pellet Production log and timely production reports for management.
  5. Supervises posting of operational productivity and quality data within the Pellet plant.
  6. Provide technical advice on quality matters and approve development of the changes to standard works procedures affecting productivity and quality.
  7. Review stock levels in conjunction with the Warehouse/Traffic Manager and associated Operatives.
  8. Stop production operations where quality standards are being impaired.
  9. Assess production equipment performance and oversee regular servicing, maintenance, and calibration
  10. Oversee Training of Cryo Plant personnel.
  11. Review labor expense for accuracy on a bi-weekly basis.
  12. Assure that company safety policies as well as federal, state and local safety and environmental regulations are observed within the pellet plant.
  13. Manage Cryo division budget, maintenance and supplies purchasing.
  14. Responsible for control of Equipment & Production Downtime
  15. Train, Motivate and Direct Production Employees
  16. Enforce departmental and plant rules, regulations, and guidelines
  17. Responsible for Pre-Op Inspections, cGMP Audits, HCAAP program & SOP program
  18. Responsible/accountable in identifying/correcting potential safety risk
  19. Maintain sanitary and safe work environment and follow safety requirements.
  20. Actively participate on company’s Safety Committee.
  21. Ensure that company safety policies as well as federal, state and local safety and environmental regulations are observed.
  22. Must have a complete understanding of company’s policies, SOPs, QPs, EPs, HACCP and cGMP that pertain to their department to ensure quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability.
  23. Must adhere to all company policies.
  24. Examine documents, materials, and products and monitor work processes to assess completeness, accuracy and conformance to standards and specifications.
  25. Follow all SOPs in a given area.
  26. Perform all other duties as assigned by Manager and/or designee.