Neighborhood Connections Project Manager
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Full Time
Graduate Degree
Nonprofit - Social Services
Neighborhood Connections Project Manager

Change Happens is seeking a Neighborhood Connections Project Manager to oversee and manage project activities for a community-driven neighborhood plan for Northern Third Ward, Houston, Texas. Change Happens, several other non-profit organizations, and community stakeholders represent a strategic alliance with a common goal to help redevelop the Northern Third Ward by implementing a resident-driven participatory neighborhood planning effort. The neighborhood plan sets a long-term direction with a measurable action plan for a complete neighborhood where everyone can grow and thrive.  The primary role of the Project Manager is to provide management, administration, and leadership to ensure that the project proceeds on time, within budget, and meets quality standards. The Project Manager will facilitate the implementation of neighborhood-wide goals by engaging the community in thoughtful stakeholder dialogue, promoting micro-projects, recruiting volunteers to support these efforts, and developing media and communication tools to share the story of service.  The Project Manager must ensure that the project is effectively resourced and that relationships with a wide range of groups and community stakeholders are managed. This will involve the production of plans, documentation, and the provision of guidance for the project team (consultants, administrative support staff, Steering Committee, and Change Happens).  It is expected that this position will communicate effectively and provide timely project status information to Change Happens and the Steering Committee on a routine basis. This position will require evening and weekend work, with travel throughout the area as required. This position reports to Change Happens’ Chief Executive Officer and the Northern Third Ward Implementation Steering Committee.

To learn more about the Northern Third Ward Neighborhood plan, visit the following links:

Major Responsibiliites

  • Coordinate and assist Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Planning Project Implementation Steering Committee (NTWNPP) and, fiscal agency, Change Happens, in implementing a comprehensive, resident-driven neighborhood revitalization plan

  • Build and foster relationships with a wide range of community stakeholders

  • Manage Scope of Work outlined by the neighborhood plan, lead agency, and NTWNPP Steering Committee

  • Ensure that milestones and performance measures are met and that the project adheres to the established timeline

  • Manage project resources effectively and efficiently

  • Work collaboratively and coordinate project activities with other entities working in the target geographic area

  • Manage, lead, and delegate tasks to staff, Steering Committee work groups, and consultants

  • Integrate plan activities with other community entities to reduce duplication and maximize resources

  • Coordinate small-scale and community-wide meetings

  • Help plan and facilitate community-wide events

  • Facilitate marketing and branding of the project

  • Actively engage community residents in all aspects of implementation activities

  • Distribute information and gather feedback and approval from the community

  • Conduct thorough examination of available data to understand the neighborhood; actively work to understand neighborhood network, communication systems, dynamics, resources, and gaps in services

  • Serve as liaison between the Steering Committee and other community groups

  • Serve as a credible source of knowledge and information to community members and stakeholders

  • Make connections with civic and business leaders to identify opportunity for collaboration

  • Provide status reports (progress and performance) to the project sponsor, lead agency, and NTWNPP Steering Committee

  • Facilitate and manage project team and NTWNPP Steering Committee training as needed/appropriate

  • Evaluate and report cause of deviations from the implementation plan

  • Conduct market analysis to develop effective strategies to meet neighborhood implementation goals

  • Facilitate and regularly monitor NTWNPP subcommittees to ensure that tasks assigned are carried out timely and appropriately

  • Participate in grantee orientation webinars, and other meeting and training activities

  • Work closely with and manage administrative support staff

  • Identify and secure resources to leverage and maximize project activities

  • Perform other activities as may be required

Position Qualifications
  • Ability to manage scope, schedule, budget, and personnel of neighborhood-wide plan

  • Ability to provide leadership in neighborhood development, planning, revitalization

  • 2-3 years of complex project management experience is required; people management experience is a plus

  • Ability to unify partners and stakeholders toward a common vision

  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to establish and maintain effective relationships and work productively with diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders

  • Ability to accept constructive feedback and incorporate it into implementation strategies

  • Ability to work independently (without close oversight) and as a team player who will productively engage with others

  • Demonstrate the capacity and stamina to meet with partner organizations and attend community meetings regularly

  • Ability to work well under pressure; navigate, prioritize, and manage a wide array of tasks and projects with strong organizational/planning skills and attention to detail and accuracy

  • Ability to work efficiently on a timeline, but exercise patience with partners and stakeholders

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral; effective communication skills with diverse populations; ability to seek and synthesize information and communicate in a compelling and succinct form; comfortable preparing and making public presentations

  • In-depth knowledge of principles, procedures, processes, and requirements related to community development, regional planning, and neighborhood revitalization

  • Strong computer skills; demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other software programs

  • Knowledge of the ability to utilize various social media platforms

  • Knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local laws, City ordinances (planning, land use, code, etc.), and other regulations and requirements

  • Experience in community engagement, community organizing, and neighborhood building

  • Prior experience with budgeting, finance, and/or resource allocation

  • Master’s degree in Urban Planning, Architecture, or Urban Design; Project Management Certification desired but not required