Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training Specialist
Job Details
Sacramento Regional Program Center - Sacramento, CA
Full Time
$22.00 - $25.00 Hourly

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training Specialist is responsible for training and supporting volunteers in their growth and development of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and social justice (DEIBSJ).

This function also helps train and develop staff as part of the council’s larger DEIBSJ efforts.

The DEI Training Specialist works with the council’s DEI Executive Committee and external consultants to create a long-term strategy and plan for DEIBSJ priorities. 


  • Work with the council’s DEI Executive Committee (DEI EC) and/or external consultant to design, implement, evaluate and adjust as necessary, DEIBSJ training for volunteers.
  • Assess volunteer training and support needs and present data to the DEI EC and/or consultant to assist with planning.
  • Use council technology platforms to create a safe and brave space for volunteers to gather to discuss DEIBSJ challenges and opportunities.
  • Work with Marketing and Communications to create and implement a plan to increase volunteer awareness and engagement around GSHCC’s DEI training and development opportunities.
  • Recruit, leverage and train-up volunteer instructors and resources to deliver training via Service Units and/or direct to volunteers; ensure role modeling and quality standards are met.
  • Work with GSHCC’s training team to coordinate volunteer training, evaluate content, and determine delivery methods and opportunities.
  • Work with the DEI EC and/or external consultant to determine staff DEIBSJ development and training.
  • Procure and/or deliver training to GSHCC staff as needed.
  • Create, maintain, vet and keep fresh DEIBSJ resources for volunteers and staff using the council’s technology platforms.
  • Serve in other DEIBSJ committees and task forces as needed.
  • At least five year’s experience in a training role.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required
  • Facilitative and collaborative leader with an openness to ideas and feedback from others.
  • Demonstrated commitment to DEIBSJ.
  • Strong technical skills in virtual training programs, Microsoft Office, Outlook, and a customer relationship management system such as Salesforce. Willingness to learn and use our Girl Scouts Volunteer Systems.
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) skills preferred.
  • Demonstrated willingness to embrace the Girl Scouts vision and mission and the council’s Community Statement.
  • Valid California driver’s license, a clean driving record, and proof of insurance.
  • Available for council-required events.
  • Promote organizational culture and community statement:

The Girl Scouts Heart of Central California Community Statement

We are a community who wants as many girls as possible to be Girl Scouts.

Our community is girl-centric and performance-driven.

As a collective, we care about each other, are sincere and relational with a strong sense of purpose.

As a member of this community I have certain responsibilities:

I am accountable for individual, team and organizational goals.

  • I am committed to quality.
  • I collaborate when appropriate, am solutions-oriented and thoughtfully solve problems with a sense of urgency.
  • I am able to find a balance between shared and trusted procedures and innovative ideas in order to work effectively and efficiently.
  • I am a professional and exhibit ethical behavior, skills and knowledge competence and leadership development.
  • I challenge my fears and demonstrate courage.
  • I contribute to an environment of inclusivity, belonging and fun.