AOI Assistant Program Director
Job Details
AOI Sheridan Shores - Chicago, IL
Full Time
Graduate Degree

Job Title:

Assistant Program Director

Reports to/Supervised by:

Program Director

Job Profile:

The Assistant Program Director (APD) works as a clinical supervisor and member of the treatment team. The APD assists the Program Director in ensuring the delivery of recovery-based psychiatric services and case management to consumers with mental illness within a nursing home-based setting.

FLSA Classification:


Duties and Responsibilities:

1. The APD performs the duties of a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP), as follows:
a. The APD administers assessment tools to incoming and current consumers.
b. The APD assists the Program Director in providing supervision, training, and guidance to employees.
c. The APD provides crisis intervention services or acts as the consultant to an MHP who is providing crisis intervention services.
d. The APD conducts face-to-face clinical interviews with potential and current consumers to perform Mental Health Assessments (MHAs).
e. The APD provides services according to consumers’ Individual Treatment Plans and ensures that all services provided are documented accurately and on time.
f. The APD consistently meets established productivity standards.
g. The APD notifies the Program Director of changes in consumers’ conditions.
2. In addition to QMHP duties, the APD position includes additional duties reflective of a clinical supervisor:
a. The APD schedules and conducts in-services and educational trainings with employees and allied professionals (such as nursing home staff) to ensure current clinical knowledge and practices.
b. The APD provides guidance and training to employees regarding program and casework issues.
c. The APD assists the Program Director in reviewing and comparing productivity or work performance of employees with established standards.
d. The APD assists the Program Director in coordinating activities and services between Adapt and allied professionals.
e. The APD solicits and proposes recommendations for changes in program implementation and clinical activities.
f. The APD assists the Program Director with providing clinical supervision to MHPs. If the APD is an LCPC or LCSW, he/she may also provide clinical supervision to QMHPs.
g. The APD participates in the development and implementation of program and clinical activities.
h. The APD is responsible for duties reflective of a clinical supervisor and manager. The APD functions as the Program Director in his/her absence.
i. The APD provides on-call duties when needed under the direction of the Program Director.

Skills, Competencies, and Specifications:

1. Services are provided in accordance with Adapt’s mission, philosophy and service principles, and professional code of ethics.
2. Adapt’s services promote the development of a natural support system and increased community living skills as prescribed on consumers’ Individual Treatment Plans.
3. The APD must demonstrate competency in the following skills and competency areas:
a. Job Knowledge
b. Documentation
c. Clinical Skills
d. Professionalism
e. Managerial and Supervisory Skills
4. The APD functions as a resource to the team for the day-to-day implementation of Adapt’s services.
5. The APD must demonstrate significant independence in assessing psychiatric symptoms and consumer needs, teaching community living skills, directing and providing crisis intervention, and making sound clinical decisions.
6. The APD position requires the use of significant discretion and judgment in both program planning and the provision of services.
7. The APD is capable of performing physical activities as needed, which may include stooping, climbing stairs, and lifting or moving 50 pounds.
8. Exposure to hazardous materials, e.g., sharps, blood and body fluids, or cigarette smoke, is a possibility. The APD must demonstrate competency in handling and disposing of hazardous materials.
9. The APD is expected to perform listed and other duties as assigned.


Education and Qualifications:

The APD must meet the current eligibility requirements for a QMHP, (which includes a Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, or a related Human Services field and completion of at least 1000 hours of clinical experience under supervision), has documented work experience in mental health or a health-related profession, and must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license. Experience in clinical supervision is preferred.