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Job Details

The Fountainview Center - Atlanta, GA


Purpose of this position


The purpose of this position is to complete duties assigned to provide accurate, timely food service to meet residents’ needs in compliance with federal, state and local requirements. To maintain dietary equipment in a safe, sanitary manner.


Authority is delegated to the individual in this position to:


  • Follow menus and prepare food and beverages
  • Organize duties to complete tray service in a timely manner
  • Assure kitchen equipment and surfaces are clean and sanitized according to dietary procedures
  • Store food in compliance with dietary procedures


1. Follow oral and written directions.

2. Set up trays and food service carts accurately and timely.

3. Serve and bus trays.

4. Pour and cover beverages.

5. Assist in preparing, covering and labeling food.

6. Clean work area.

7. Assist in the proper care, use and cleaning of kitchen equipment.

8. Attend in-service training programs for Food Service employees.

9. Observe infection control procedures related to the Dietary Department.

10. Follow facility safety program.

11. Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality.

12. Accept assigned duties in a cooperative manner.

13. Assume accountability for data contained in the employees’ handbook.

14. Perform other related duties as directed by his/her supervisor.

15. Perform all duties assigned in an effective, timely and professional manner.

16. Observe infection control procedures.

17. Follow Residents’ Rights policies at all times.

18. Observe all facility policies and procedures.

19. Assume Quality Assurance duties as assigned.

20. Come to work in neat, clean attire and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance.

21. Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality.

22. Consistently work cooperatively with residents, residents’ representatives, facility staff, physicians, consultants and ancillary service providers.


High school Diploma or GED

Prior one year experience in Dietary Department.