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Job Details

The Fountainview Center - Atlanta, GA


1. Follow established standards of nursing practices and implement facility policies and procedures.

2. Interpret existing policies and procedures to nursing assistants, restorative nursing assistants, residents, families and physicians.

3. Supervise and evaluate all direct resident care and initiate corrective action as necessary.

4. Obtain report from nurse being relieved and record sufficient information to implement appropriate follow-up action as necessary.

5. Provide report to nurse coming on duty, including sufficient information for follow-up action as necessary.

6. Take appropriate action to assure adequate staffing to meet residents needs.

7. Conduct resident rounds daily, reporting problems to nursing supervisor and initiating corrective action.

8. Identify safety hazards and initiate corrective action immediately.

9. Identify resident problems and emergency situation and initiate emergency care and life-saving measures in the absence of a physician.

10. Follow, supervise and evaluate implementation of the Residents Rights Program.

11. Participate in facility education programs.

12. Provide supervision to Nursing Assistant providing direct resident care.

13. Attend staff meetings, interdisciplinary team meetings, rehabilitation meetings, in-service classes and committee meetings as assigned.

14. Follow staffing guidelines and make nursing assignments according to qualifications of staff and characteristics of the resident population.

15. Assume responsibility for compliance with federal, state and local regulations within the assigned unit.

16. Counsel Nursing Assistants and recommend disciplinary action to the Director of Nursing Service, when necessary.

17. Participate in the employee evaluation process by providing information on the performance of Nursing Assistants.

18. Administer and document direct resident care, medications and treatments per physicians orders and accurately record all care provided.

19. Provide instruction for appropriate nursing care to licensed nurses and Nursing Assistants.

20. Perform comprehensive assessment of residents as assigned.

21. Document comprehensive assessment of residents as assigned.

22. Develop and implement an accurate comprehensive care plan based on each residents needs and his/her comprehensive assessment.

23. Promptly report changes in residents conditions to the physician, Director of Nursing Service and responsible party, and take follow-up action as necessary.

24. Follow facility admission procedures and communicate resident admission to other departments, physicians and ancillary service providers.


Authority is delegated to the individual in this position to:

Take appropriate action to assure adequate staffing to provide resident care.

Supervise and assess resident care and take appropriate action.

Implement facility procedures to provide resident care.

Must be a graduate of an accredited LPN educational program and licensed in the state of Georgia.

Has leadership abilities, is capable of learning and experience in long term care is a plus but not a requirement.

Demonstrates the ability to function independently, problem solve and resolve conflict within a team-centered work environment, and supervise staff.

Speaks, understands, reads, writes and follows oral and written instructions in English.

Demonstrates the ability to communicate, organize, direct and educate the CNA staff.

Demonstrates the ability to lead and manage staff, offer support to other team members.

Possesses initiate, positive attitude and reliability in performing assigned duties.

Demonstrates consistent prompt and reliable attendance.

Supports the goals and philosophy of the Fountainview Center.

Possess interpersonal skills that foster and promote communication with a variety of people including families, physicians, consultants, and other members of the interdisciplinary team as well as members of the community.

Be able to stand, lift at least 50 lbs, bend, lean over, reaching, push and pull and be able to move medication/treatment carts as well as residents

Prior LTC Experience preferred