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Job Details

The Fountainview Center - Atlanta, GA


1. Follow written and oral directions.

2. Follow established performance standards and perform duties according to nursing service policies and procedures.

3. Assist new employees in following established facility policies and procedures.

4. Identify resident problems and concerns and report them immediately to a charge nurse or a licensed nurse.

5. Complete assignments timely, completely and accurately.

6. Conduct resident rounds as assigned.

7. Initiate corrective action as necessary and/or seek assistance of a licensed nurse.

8. Identify safety hazards and emergency situations, and initiate corrective action.

9. Attend all in-service classes as assigned and complete assignments.

10. Assume personal responsibility for following facility procedures related to control of equipment and supplies within the unit.

11. Document incidents and/or unusual problems according to established facility procedures.

12. Participate in interdisciplinary team and other facility meetings as assigned.

13. Participate in the development of an individualized plan of care of assigned residents.

14. Review care plans and perform nursing care as outlined.

15. Document in the nursing assistant notes the care and treatment provided to the resident and the resident’s response or lack of response to care provided.

16. Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility information.

17. Report changes in residents’ conditions to Charge Nurse or Nurse Supervisor.

18. Follow facility procedures for admission, discharge and transfer of residents.

19. Complete documentation accurately, timely and following facility policies and procedures.

20. Listen to resident and family complaints and report problems to Charge Nurse.

24. Participate in the implementation of the individualized plan of care of assigned residents.

21. Assure residents have call lights at hand and answer call lights promptly.

22. Assure residents are given adequate assistance with personal and oral hygiene needs following facility’s policies and procedures.

23. Assist residents with activities of daily living as documented in the residents’ care plans.

25. Assure residents are given adequate assistance with meals, nourishment and transportation to meal service area(s).

26. Check name bands on all assigned residents daily and report to Charge Nurse any bands that have been removed or need to be changed.

27. Consistently work cooperatively with residents, charge nurses, treatment nurses, restorative nurses, other nursing assistants, physicians, families, consultant personnel and ancillary service providers.

28. Observe all facility safety policies and procedures.